One Hundred Days

The time that has past since the new administration has assumed office is soon to reach this marker. All previous factors with this day as an indicator being accepted, my reality is grounded in the following undeniable truths.

The office of POTUS is now held by a mentally incompetent person. The actions and words of this “President” with multiple flaws are documented. Serial lying, inability to accept ownership or accountability are not new to medical science or human history but it is entirely new to the office of POTUS. His narcissism, delusions, public history all confirm that our current President has no idea about being real now or ever.

Making sense of a certified liar’s words or a certified insane person’s plan being not possible so a more compelling discussion is why he is there and who represents the base that he stands on.
The purpose of these people is no longer a mystery. His base is united. He is just what they wanted. They were the Republicans, Conservatives, Evangelists until DJT unveiled their bond in Racism. Just old fashioned down home Bigots.

Connecting the Dots

The Republican who exhibited a total absence of human morality and integrity was the best candidate they, the Republican Party, could offer for President of the United States of America. It all could have been offered, after his losing, the suggestion to dismiss the episode as some result of the candidate’s obvious psychosis, only he didn’t lose.

The lies were a beginning for the Republicans and after escaping accountability with Bush, Cheney,  and others about Iraq, the lying became an accepted tactic.

Racism is systemic in the United States. A fact confirmed by U. S. history, past and present with the Justice and Correction statistics as evidence. The Republicans or GOP are confirmed perpetrators in this denial of freedoms and inhuman acts to deny Constitutional and Human rights to everyone. The lies or lack of accountability for the horrific atrocities that occurred against the kidnaped humans from Africa and the native Americans is certainly one reason for the conditions that prevail today in the United States of America.

Now,  the liars are purveyors of “alternative facts”. After eight years of deliberate obstruction to the progress of America that was made in spite of their lunatic fringe, the election of 2016 reflected a continued increasing of bigotry directed at the then incumbent administration and all who were not a supporter of racism, misogyny, equal justice for everyone.

Losing at every public forum with the sixteen candidates offered, the GOP was cornered by a celebrity “hustler” known for his lack of integrity and morality. An unbelievable primary exposure revealed more than one classic psychotic personal posture in the victory.

So we are all here facing our future with a Psycho, a vulnerable puppet, afraid and incapable of meaningful conversation, narcissistic beyond imagination. The leader of the “Free world” who cannot speak a truth because he cannot even remember what he says. Of course,  no one ever believes a serial liar.

My Dad proposed this question to me at four years of age after whipping my ass for lying. “Which is the real villain, a murderer, thief, or liar? After suffering my indecision for about 30 seconds, he told me that the “Liar was the absolute worst because he could be all three”.

A test, mental, human resources supported for President. How can we justify giving the keys to our existence to an effing nut?
We, the people, will be held accountable!

Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

W: ” We meet again!”
J : ” Yes , I can hardly believe it is you”
W:’ It ‘s me alright but we have been witnessing some truly unbelievable shit going down.”
J: ” We?  I don’t drink any booze”
W:  “My boozing has nothing to do with this 2016 Primary and Election.”
J: “It was totally believable. The racist , bigoted , pathological liar who represented the values of his party and this country’s darkest past won.”

W: “True, but did you note any of his mannerisms, habits, consistent peculiarities?  They were too many to list.  Anyone else who spoke or acted that way and was held accountable would be in an institution, jail or mental or both.”

J: “Maybe, you are just getting a painful   zoom in on the white American male. I have seen them stretch the rules of life  and he is not the first one to be elected.”

W:  “True, again, but the others had a cover. You could not see , hear and smell their personal disease. They didn’t come with decades of repulsive behavior for confirmation.  Any mental health professional would say, without a doubt, the dude is missing some serious gray matter. Today’s technology mandates visibility.”

J:  “What if he isn’t a real Psycho? “

W: “What if he is? Everyone  knows that he is vulnerable, delusional beyond belief and incapable of being accountable.

J: “They require an examination for a postman,  but no exam to be POTUS ?  Are we  supposed to not say  his lunacy is appalling?  No one wants to say the bond for Republicans was and is racism .”

W: “So we are supposed to just give the keys to our world to a consensus psycho because he is white and rich?”

J: “He won the election.”

W:  “Unbelievable and effing scary”
W: “That is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Greetings and Salutations

Welcome to our new day!
The transition has been more challenging than anticipated . We will be bringing you our viewpoint , our truth, from the heart and soul free of any influence.

The election of 2016 is certainly one for the ages. The candidates need no introduction. They are both well-known for different reasons in every way.

The media and public seem to be choosing between celebrities with lying as a competitive tool to be accepted depending on your party. Democrat or Republican we, as Americans, are being given the opportunity to continue our growth as a nation and as a leader of the free world.

The issues of bigotry, racism, misogyny, hate mongering, terrorism and global warming are all there in this election because the Obama administration released all the systemic causes of human atrocities that have plagued our nation for 400 years.

That is obviously an opinion and the voters will choose a new president in November. This will surely bring a feeling of relief for many who are tired and nauseated by politics and especially this campaign.

The past eight years and the resulting candidates of the parties have brought a lasting personal reality to my life. The rhetoric and the expansion of hate, and disregard by the Republican party did not just begin. Donald Trump is their chosen candidate because he represents the basic tenets of their electorate. Racism, elitism, above all other issues are their banner. Separatists from the core, these are the architects of voter fraud, hypocrisy whenever useful, mass incarceration, the clear opposition to freedom, justice, and equality.

Many people who I thought were at least humane, thoughtful, considerate and caring have been forever unveiled…as not. They will never be okay again, never be trusted again, classmates, friends, social partners are all such pathetic disappointments























Dear Mr.Mara…..owner of the N.Y. Giants

             Today’s game with the Jets had much more significance to me than the win/ lost fact. I have been a loyal Giant fan since the days  before Y.A Tittle, Frank Gifford, and Alex Webster. I have seen the Giants lose because the owners chose to keep Allie Sherman, while letting Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry go. This continued until ownership decided that an objective decision maker was the only way to grow after debacle after debacle was more than enough.

  George Young was the new beginning then he was  followed by Ernie Accorsi. With better coaches and better draft, personnel choices, The NY Giants had new faces. These players were winners and the team continued growing  until ownership was forced to new leadership by the passing of the great Wellington Mara.

George Young  hired  Ernie  Accorsi and insisted on Jerry Reese. He also had a place in his heart for Tom Coughlin. Ernie Accorsi retired and left the GM duties in Reese’s  obviously capable hands. Tom Coughlin was never Reese’s choice for coach, a left over hire by you and Accorsi.

After struggling with players and getting Eli off to a “difficult” start you hired new “assistants” rather than letting Jerry pick his coach.The assistants helped the Giants win a “miracle ” Super Bowl. You rewarded Coughlin with a huge new contract and the Giants lost and malfunctioned under Coughlin’s ill game day decisions again. So, instead of a “new ” coach, you insisted that Jerry keep Coughlin and hire “new “assistants who, with more “miracles”,helped the Giants win another Super Bowl. Now, by your words. Coughlin, is going because no playoffs again is just too much.

My greatest problem is the exit possibility of one Jerry Reese, who has brought a continuous  parade of exceptional  football players, the latest being Odell Beckam,Jr. to our revered Giants.

Tom Coughlin’s  list of  won games lossed,  player casualties,  career ending losses and misused players stocking the league  is only exceeded by his brain dead decisions.

You kept him not Jerry Reese! You are responsible for the heart felt losses of the fans, and players and player’s families all over the globe. Today, I saw the hope and spirit of all the Giants crushed by another Coughlin  “brain dead” decision. Those  mistakes were and  are always about his,  Coughlin’s, “ego obesity”, instead of football, the team,  players or the fans. 

He has thrown every one under the bus, Eli, coaches and JPP and is only concerned with his inflated self impression, He will never resign and will sacrifice you to stay on. He is  selfish and wanted to criticize Odell for his frustration until Odell made his genius skill apparent on the next play.

I am writing this to you because I want to know how can it be possible that you could  subject Eli to never having another coach or Jerry Reese never being able to pick his choice for coach while  his personnel choices and his management skills are unsurpassed.

How could you, Mr. Mara’s son, be so completely unaware of the loyal fans and exceptional players feelings about their career and their beloved Giants?

Do remember  the brilliant careers that died under Tom Coughlin  but do not kill the Giant’s future by  letting  Jerry Reese go too. The NFL is really about the players, the fans.  Jerry Reese gets no respect or recognition for the players  he has provided Coughlin to misuse. The rest of the league has never been blind to Coughlin’s faults.

The best teams have a excellent GM and he picks a excellent coach or assistants. You have had the best in the business in GM all you need is to let him pick the best coach.

The players he has picked since his  beginning are the best. Some have been super although OBJ is clearly in a league by himself and another living example of the genius of your GM.

He has chosen football players with skills, and exceptional desire and character. For you to choose to link him to Coughlin would be adding insult to the injuries inflicted on Eli, Odell, and Giant players, fans, and their families for ten years and counting.

ISIS……Another Child of Human Inhumanity.

            France is the latest country to be a victim of mass murder. Killing deliberately has always been a given. The horror of such is magnified because of the site of this disgusting exhibition or because we all can relate, suddenly, to the fact that we are all human and threatened by “innocent” people being slaughtered?

Certainly the number of casualties cannot be appalling. The great and wonderful country , USA, launched a “war” totally unjustified against a country , Iraq, killing thousands daily. This war, coincidentally,  was one of 2 that spawned the  seeds of the mass murder demonic plague in the mid east.

These seeds , Al-Qaeda, ISIS, are now the  declared enemy of all humans because their religion is adverse to Judaism or Christianity. It can be offered that this atrocity happened on the wrong continent. The dastardly acts of horror and inhumanity in Africa, Asia, South America seemingly were not as universally “heart felt”. That ,perhaps, is ignored because it has been a constant there since the genocidal exploitation of the colonialists has been minimized. The sick , malnourished, raped and psychologically maimed  native inhabitants focus their murders on each other.

War on who now is the question? Many attempts to instigate war on Islam , a religious faith with 1.8 billion followers is being massaged by the right wing ,conservatives, Christians as a solution. That has a familiar ring to it . The fact is War never solved killing. In fact it has authorized all killing. Planned mass murder is what war is.

The current administration in the USA, and its chief, Barack Hussein Obama, has been a bane to all the Right wing, Conservatives ,”Christians” since he took office seven years ago. Every move he made was denounced and opposed by the same people who authorized the unjust war on Iraq. From rescuing the country from economic chaos, ending the slaughter of innocent mid easterners ,to bringing Americans finest specimens home he has not ever had “their” support.

He has chosen to negate this “gang warfare” by decapitation of leadership, starting with Bin Laden and other recognized  Captains of the insane killers that have attempted to terrorize the planet at large with killing. The latest drone strike of  “Jihadi John” was ignored as was the preceding eliminations of ISIS notables.

Paris could be viewed as a desperate last act by a dying force. A kamikaze move to escape the gallows of elimination. These small totally frustrated group attempts by the extreme are not nearly as insidious as  any “War” or the daily horrors  and planned elimination of freedom, justice and equality from every one.

The rejection and neglect of the less fortunate at home and abroad is resonated with the treatment proposed for”some” immigrants and refugees.This attitude is what will ultimately define our character as a nation and a people.

This President, and my country would have been better served to holding  the leaders of that preceding criminal administration accountable and addressing  the ” home made terrorism”within our borders.

Killing for any reason other than immediate self defense is the enemy of all of us. Regardless of skin color, religion or nationality, killing must be eventually,if not sooner, stopped or chosen as a resolution for anything.

Murder, Mass murder,  is the ultimate terror by any means. A killing of any one of us is a undeniable threat to all of us

Republicans…..Fraternity for losers

                  The “Great Debate” to determine who would be the latest excuse for the embarrassment and ridicule guaranteed to follow  is a necessary spectacle. It is mandated as a opportunity to view, hear and choose a candidate for the presidential election in 2016. The freedom to vote is a cornerstone of our Democracy.

The fact that all of the”Republicans” have erased any possible doubt that the leadership of this nation and thus the free world is infinitely greater than their capacity to understand, much less do, is what will, hopefully,be a crystal clear result. This reality will,hopefully, hasten the dismissal of their sordid thinking.

The ten chosen participants evidently still had no clue that even clowns need a policy to be effectively funny. This debate will not ever be funny although laughter maybe heard for centuries. The Republican focus seems to be to find a “celebrity”. Any loud mouth, no thinker is eligible as long as he is popular. No she, or woman is really eligible, nor any minority. More importantly the Republicans know they cannot win this election.

Let’s be a bit detailed about this time in our lives. The Republicans have been the “party” that has been the legislative and executive controllers of our government since Reagan .To be broader and for the sake of comparison,dictated the moral and civil attitudes lived and expressed by our nation since the post civil war period. The attempts to divide the people or to use divisive tactics to maintain or establish their agenda is well documented.

Racism, bigotry, denial of basic human rights were  the norm. The separation  of cultures and denial of equal economic growth were institutionalized. The use of lies and abuses of power  have been so flagrant that the population has been numbed by the consistency. Terms such as Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal, Christian or Non Christian, Black or White, Man or Woman has been used to justify denial of freedom and human rights. Justice and equality for all was never a sincere goal.

Our planet, Earth, has physically remained basically unchanged since the earliest documentation of human existence. The human growth , scientific and technological changes are overwhelmingly obvious. Social and Psychological progress can be left to interpretation but the process of walking to rocket travel speaks for itself. Lip to ear replaced by Cell phones with Cameras in every child’s hand makes it impossible to hide almost anything ..going forward.

Going forward…that is the most glaring fault of this “group” of people. Killing, War, Inhumanity to any other opposition, Environmental pollution, Denial of past WRONG are still the core of their values ,regardless of the label on their heads. Their disgusting lack of integrity and morals coupled with the putrid examples of leadership reached a peak in 2008 . This also was, coincidentally, a time when “Social Media” became undeniable

The result was their loss of ability to disguise or hide the most disturbing and criminal acts of inhumanity documented. Progress had passed them up. The alarming factor is their choice is not to progress, not to go forward, as if going backward was ever possible .

So we have seen their candidates whose most impressively rude ,unapologetic, insulting member wears the Face of all the country’s decadent Republicans. A billionaire who is bankrupt of integrity, self respect and moral decency.

These people have spent the money and time for the last seven years trying to deny the nauseating acts and perpetrators of the dark ages that their thinking represents. Seven years of idiotic statements and acts to inhibit “change” to be better. Seven years of self cannibalization and mean, cruel, attacks on minorities, women, and denial of truth.

Sad but more importantly, there will always be individuals who will kill ,lie and steal. It may be awhile before government will be clear of these human faults but the fact that mankind has moved beyond being silent or letting these injustices go unaddressed is a fact.

Some one needs to inform “them” that their policies and values are what matter. Someone needs to tell them their  acts and words cannot be retracted. Someone needs to tell them that all lives do matter.

The Fear of Hillary

                   The Republican party does not want to see the day any “woman” takes the office of POTUS,  but the “Hillary” woman generates  the worst fear that they can imagine.

Trying to distance reality with the misinformed  display of potential candidates who portray a stunning list of losers is clearly not happening . Their  only common ground challenges public indecency statutes, in a figurative sense.

This nauseating group of confused hypocrites that are Republicans are actually represented in both parties of our government. Hillary is  the one person who has taken all of their lethal blows. The one person who knows what to do from first hand and second hand experience and just how to get it done .

The Forty Seven congressmen traitors and their supporters will all some day soon  be a part of the epitaph of the Republican party as it presently is. It will be earmarked as  a sad embarrassing part of America’s history. A putrid residue  of the sick society that embraced  slavery, humiliation and disrespect of women, worshiped crime, murder and hypocrisy.

Obama’s election and reelection has “exposed” many for what they can only be….Racists, Bigots, Elitists,  insensitive liars  who seem to think that repetition of the same ridiculous insults might bring …………

That, perhaps,  is the Republicans  most egregious fault, so many to choose from ,but adding insult to injury by repeating the same lies, with  a change in who is wearing the Dunce cap is surely evidence of mental depravity at best .

That being the opposition this is who Hillary is.

She is most intelligent . A woman who is an  experienced leader in every station in her life . .and  did I say this enough…A woman who is brave , confident, strong and for you astrologers,  a Scorpio woman. She is the Lady from Benghazi, her, of email fame, the recipient of such cruel insensitive petty harassment and personal criticisms…

A real woman in every sense of the word is Hillary R. Clinton ….. rising from her ashes.

The Secretary of State who was a trusted part of the closure on Bin Laden when NONE of the opposing party could ever be trusted. A woman, who is an experienced and respected world leader and now triumphs in her fight for her  family in  standing down criticism and public scorn for what she knew was right. Fearless, as a only a pissed off woman can be …this has been a long time coming.

 Yeah, fellas, I think she could very well be pissed off…… with a lot of  justifying reasons…Being a loving Grandmother is not going to save  your headlights either,  both of them,for sure.

She, like many Americans of all sexes and colors and creeds , cannot forget. Will not ever forget …..the  wrongs ….and the adjustments needed to remedy said wrongs..or getting even will only be the beginning……

.Oh, please remember she is Bill’s wife..a great President..a man’s man……she stood by him………

America is a Violent Society

                 The U.S. is a relatively new country as countries go. It is 238 years from its raw beginnings. Formed through colonial expansion it has wars and internal conflict that is still a progressive problem.  The revolution itself was followed by more wars including a horrific Civil War that is continuing to reveal casualties especially to the national psyche.

The settling of the west, social and religious conflict coupled with a lack of compassion that human struggle has demonstrated through History have all supplied numerous incidents to support this.

The Indian wars and the allegiance to the use of guns  to settle issues from duels to personal conflicts continue on a daily basis. The inability  of implementing Justice or to agree on what Justice is for everyone  is a major obstruction to a lasting peace.

There are many notions and offerings by politicians and other groups that these are “growing pains ” in a country’s youth. The “melting pot” is a work in progress and being a Christian nation they claim the ” peace movement ” and ” peaceful protests” are examples of progress.  A sanctuary for the planet Earth’s downtrodden,  mistreated and seekers of opportunity, the United States looms clearly as the home of all Earth’s humans with their separate cultures and individual choices in tact.

This is the country’s strength most people say and I would agree except for the hypocrisy that coexists in every day life. Religious differences seem to support conflict instead of healing. Three million people in prisons throughout the country presents a huge problem for each person upon reentry or parole/release and for society in how to accept them.

The need to have guns and to kill are at the core of this Violence. Killing is the ultimate act of violence. Endorsing and employing Capital Punishment for any cause is a Cancer that can no longer be ignored.

The Racism and acceptance of Bigotry are systemic in the U.S. today. Tomorrow, maybe not, if tomorrow comes. Violence threatens all of our tomorrows.

                  The cities continue to erupt in violence with the POLICE at the core. Cities like Ferguson, Missouri , New York, N.Y., and others are presently in the forefront of issues to be resolved.

All kinds of gun violence in the neighborhoods, schools, and highways are common place. Horrible attacks with other weapons like knives, bludgeons, Machetes are not surprising.

Domestic abuse and rape of women and children  has a strong profile too here in America. The leaders of our nation, with few exceptions, are guilty of hypocrisy without apology as far back as Thomas Jefferson. The “hero worship” of criminals and antisocial acts coupled with movies and other social stimulants that set the tone of our existence are prime examples of the choices of today.

Yes, this is the “best” country in the world from the concept and written words.  Unfortunately,  at this time peace is clearly absent in the U.S.

America is truly violent……..still.

The Giants…….Loyalty to Players a cornerstone?

The end of a most unnerving season is in the final stage. The disappointment and plethora of  injuries are the usual results of a Tom Coughlin coached team. After coaching the N.Y. Giants for eleven years this is our reality as fans and players, no playoffs or hopes with him going forward.

A mediocre  .543 winning percentage with 2 Super Bowl victories by miracles are all we have after losing again and more egregiously, killing 33 football careers, inflicting over 100 serious injuries to stellar athletes. In contrast, The Packers have made the playoffs for six consecutive seasons. The Patriots are winners every year.

We are left  to wait for this self serving senior to be released. He will not resign ever because he knows his career is a mirage hidden by the Giants dignity and respect. He refuses to let Jerry Reese choose his own Coach. He is too selfish to allow Eli, Cruz, JPP to  play under new leadership. The league is stocked with ex-Giant players that Coughlin abused and misused while being paid over 40 million dollars.

The Giants would have to give Tom Coughlin a new contract to complete their usual posture of not keeping a lame duck Coach. They have hired six assistant coaches over the years to save Coach Coughlin. Jerry Reese plays a minimum of 8 new players, draft/free agants, every year to give Coughlin material. There is no team in the NFL that has the superb athletes that the Giants have witnessed Coughlin misuse and injure with his lack of sensitivity and rigidity.

               He is the oldest coach in the NFL. His  opponents own him in the second half of every game because he cannot lead or adjust. He kills enthusiasm and takes the joy of playing from his players. He is a loser.

We have to realize that the players play the game. Fans come to see the super players and teams. Loyalty to the players is paramount . Coughlin sacrifices his players without a thought about them, their careers, or families .

Eli is deserving of a new leader to follow and be supported by. Cruz, JPP, and Odell Beckam Jr. need to hear a positive plan from a new voice with knowledge and  confidence.

Jerry Reese needs to pick his first coach.