Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

W: President Whatchamacallit is an ole tyme street ho. I have been trying to get the picture since 2016.

J: Really? Why do you say that about the dude?

W: One absolutely abnormal fact about this person that was more than just malodorous, was his lying every time he spoke.

J: Okay, and?

W: Other lifelong habits he exhibited with pride until he decided to resign and realized it was better to take his loyal 40% with him.

J: Resign? This did not happen, man.

W: Oh, yeah, he resigned from being pretending to be a nice guy. Too much attention pulled the covers off.

J: hmmm? keep steppin’.

W: I couldn’t identify, in words, this complex human.  So many gutter attributes were constant. His ability to magnetize the always corruptible limited had reached an eerily quiet pause.

J: Why was that?

W: He is getting screwed by Russia, Syria, Iran, and Turkey. Pullin a train on the ho., we used to call it

J: I see your point. He must be the best Ho to be the end of Fox news too.  They know they are finished too.

The Murder of Jeffrey Epstein

Let us begin with this fact. Jeffrey Epstein, known pedophile, bosom buddy of the present POTUS, was found with a broken neck, dead.
The fact that he was in the custody of the attorney general of the U.S.,  as a prisoner in the current maximum-security prison in NYC when his murder took place should be listed. The fact is he was found in the same place earlier after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Then he was placed in the same facility a week later after being near death and saved.
Other facts noted were the endless mistakes by the facility and it’s officers to follow protocol.
The following facts should never be missed. The current attorney general, handpicked by the POTUS, was first to offer a theory of “strange suicide”. This was immediately followed by the twitter flatulent leader who brainlessly explained that suicide was obviously unusual here.
What followed was a lot of speculation about Jeff’s mindset, and his victim’s inability to get closure to their tortured abuse history with the deceased.
While waiting over a week for the medical examiner of NYC,  who sees suicides daily,  to say how Jeffrey hung himself in front of everybody who wasn’t there, we sat.
Oh, no one was there?   No camera on at this time, no guards were on duty with this person being strange?
Not really,  being that Jeffrey was about to name names, publicly, of his company and cohorts who evidently included a lot of prominent leaders. Republicans were consistently in this gang of pedophiles,  especially the prominent liar in chief, tax evader; the mouthpiece of hate and division.
This criminal,  who personifies hypocrisy and the double standard by his very existence, is only there because of his representation of his deplorable base.
Why this dude isn’t “locked up” still beats the hell out of me.
My thinking only leads me to know he will be taking a lot of “good people” with him when he goes.  Oh yeah, they are all going because Jeff couldn’t keep secrets, especially from the people who knew him and locked his pathetically sorry ass up.   The sooner the better.

The Bottom Line

This is all the bonus of having a Republican like #45.
We, the people,  now know that lying and cheating are what the Republicans have accepted and have always done.

We can now know that everything we always knew about #45 is what we have seen and heard. This is true or what you see is what you have.  No mystery here.

We know that all his acts are signatures of collusion but collusion is not a crime?

We now know that every move he made and his very recorded actions are obstructions of justice acts…. but the President?

We now know, above all, that this President cannot give self-defense testimony under oath because he will lie under oath.


We are asking Mr. Mueller to speak for us?

Why are we not speaking for ourselves, at least, about the 4 yr old cookie jar thief who always has crumbs in his wet bed?


Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

W: My main man, what’s going on, long time no see?
J: It has been a few minutes for sure, I am good, trying to lay low

W: These “politics” have really become naked.                                                                                  J: The Mueller Report was a wonder of Democracy in more ways than one

W:  Yes, brilliant!  Actually Confirming that the president is irrelevant in every way. The GOP is truly deadly. They really do not care who they use or hide behind.  Their policies of antisocial behavior are systemic in their voting history.

J: Er, huh? I thought the dude’s criminal guilt was only exceeded by the criminal guilt of his party.

W: That hits the nail on the head! The Mueller Report shows that the GOP knowingly allowed a pathological misfit to carry their flag. They joined and supported this obvious fringe lunatic in many compromised moments to further their agenda.  He was too transparent to hide behind, evidently.

J:  Ha, very funny! I  do see the genius and intestinal fortitude of Mr. Mueller now. Wow, a national hero in our time truly.

W: Yes,  true dat, right up there with Tiger Woods.

The Smoking Gun?

The smoking gun is the GOP.

The problem for the GOP is the  DJT. He is the most illogical human being to use as a cover for anything, at all,  really.
Their desperation in 2016 led them to him and these seasoned politicians, conservatives, and evangelicals boarded his train to infamy.
Fueled by their personal,  life long,  lies on racism and misogyny, the “haves” and the deplorable decided to accept a pathological serial liar.  He is a counterfeit human being in, amazingly enough, every way.

This abomination is their choice to push their inhuman agenda as the last straw.
Now the GOP is criminally exposed. The speaker quit his post rather early.  The WH staff reels in chaos. The endless tapes and IT data are a known reality to everyone but King Delusional.

The  GOP  history convicts them and the cover of DJT was the light that will never go out on their character and purposes.
Mr. Mueller is a true hero now because he will drop the hammer on this cancer in social history and in doing so, some of the most prominent Republicans. The hammer is in the mail!
They bit on DJT as rats bite on cheese in an old trap only to watch the hammer falling to end their miserable lives.

The GOP members that left their offices or backed away from the party did so because they knew it was incriminating to continue. The GOP that still exists does so only to retard the prosecution of this colossal anus.

These low life hypocrites can only be hoping that the general public is as stupid or crazy as their transparent leader. News Flash!

We are not!

We, the people, the right and the left, the black and the white, the young and the old know feces when we see it. When it is heard and sifted so constantly in front of everyone the smell becomes overwhelming and eventually, we all do the same thing.

Anybody with a mind can see DJT  is anything but innocent. We also know that perjury,  obstruction of justice, and treason are felonies.

If you have had any contact with the justice system, you know that Mr. Mueller’s M.O. indicates there are more fish in the fryer than King Delusional. Friends and business associates have been indicted and convicted.  All of these inner circle people are begging to tell everything under oath to seal the fate of this moron liar that the GOP owns.

Family and more friends are trying to hide. A famous heavyweight champion once said, ” you can run but you can’t hide.”

This brings us to the Mueller report. The smoking gun GOP is desperately doing anything to stop it because they are definitely in it. The obvious one who does all he can to keep the feces flowing is not the only one.

For the record,  the music stopped a long time ago,

and now,   …the jig is up.


Our Children and Grandchildren at Risk

The current social and political climate is in a dramatic sudden change. The lack of concern for the lives and well being of all human life is not new. The ability to access the truth and to form an opinion or understanding based on facts is.

That new ability is available to all. That new ability, which is technology, is a threat to liars, oppressors, and hypocrites regardless of origin or lifestyle. Using the new “ability” in concert with a long life filled with vivid memories and experiences, mandates the following reality being shared.

The Liar in Chief is an abomination to all but his deplorable base. He is a failure in every way except for providing a convenient distraction from the actions of a select portion of the Republican party, Conservatives, and Evangelicals.

The acts of attacking immigrants, health care, women, and minorities are abhorrent and now no longer deniable. This has been the practice of these patriots for decades.

This disgusting imbecile was the best they could offer for the election in 2016. Despite his obvious flaws, they have chosen to ride his Luciferian coat to perdition.

These patriots can no longer hide their xenophobic bigotry. Their history of separatism and voter fraud in our history is documented. Their participation in obstruction of justice and treason activity is now a major consideration in the Mueller investigation.

That is the only reason for the seemingly delayed closure in this sordid moment in the history of the United States of America. Mueller cannot allow these criminals and traitors to escape. The USA, formed and shaped by the sacrifices of humans of all cultures and skin colors, is beyond their shameful attempts to turn the clock back.

The intimacy of the pathological lying, narcissistic, phony with Russia,  poses a new danger to freedom and democracy. Trump is capable of providing information to the ultimate enemy that would cost the lives of millions of people all over the globe. Surely any person of logic knows he is on audio and visual record in a multitude of compromised ways, especially in Russia.

When Mr. Mueller closes his net we must not ever forget the GOP, Tea party. They are the core group that refused to accept the change that progressed from the abolition of slavery and the genocide of the Native American

Their zombie acts have always threatened our lives and children’s lives here in  America.  Now the threat to freedom and democracy is a clear danger to all around the world.














Going Forward

I received a text that alluded to a MF called Satan. Never believing that life was random chaos or without purpose was followed by a burning curiosity,  that I will not distract you with.
However my Creator, or (Fate or Jesus) if you must, told me that people, being human and imperfect,  do all of the worst and all of the best.
Blaming some bullshit story on a MF called Satan keeps us from taking responsibility and ownership of our choices and actions.
We must do that to change and be better.



The Oxford dictionary defines race as the concept of dividing humankind. Racism, however, fuels the hostility between these divisions of humankind.
Humans have many cultures, traditions and are visible in different skin colors, heights, and weights. They choose different comfort levels based on environment and other factors.
They choose their religious preferences. Like many other animals, in humans, the one obvious or not so obvious difference is sex. This difference is primarily for procreation.
That said, the significant problem with race has always been man’s inhuman treatment of his fellow man.

Other factors like skin color, language contrasts, national borders, and religious preference are distractions. All are used to justify this inhumanity inflicted on other humans.
As all untruths are doomed to fail by nature, the lie about Royalty over peasant is rerun as rich over poor, or uneducated over-educated. All are just, simply put, bullshit.

It is the ultimate act of inhumanity to kill another human.

Humans have always killed other humans. War is a process of deliberate mass murder. The cost of humans killed in “wars” are far beyond counting. The advance of science has provided a means of killing everyone living more and more. The nuclear capability has put a hold on that.
It is inhuman to deprive one of their human rights of freedom, justice, and equality because ultimately these deprivations result in the deaths of humans in mass.

Slavery is a horrific act of inhuman treatment of fellow man. Genocide is gross just to write the word. The founding fathers of America employed both of these horrors to build what is still the greatest nation on earth.

Most of the founding fathers were not happy with any of those two truths. They elected to oppose and end the practices. The other founding fathers clearly did not. This resulted in the mass murder of 600,000 human beings before the nation could be salvaged.

There were an estimated 26 million native Americans here before Columbus and less than one million in 1900.  Over 20million Africans died in the slave trade alone. Millions more have died in slavery over 400 years in America. The conclusion is that both inhuman atrocities were the order of the day

The growth of America has much to own and discard before it can be the nation of liberty, justice for all. These horrors unaccounted for and never addressed would be found in the “Crimes against Humanity” file today.  These atrocities were even celebrated. More importantly, they were allowed to fester and infect the people that followed. It distorted and poisoned the truth about our nation.

The  Obama administration flushed the turds out.  It was unbearable for racists and separatists to witness the truth in their face every day. The lies told to the world and to their children and grandchildren since the beginning of time were exposed.

The election of 2016 was visible to everyone who chose to look. The absence of an eligible candidate to oppose Hillary Clinton was glaringly apparent. The Republicans, Tea Party, Conservatives, Evangelicals chose to be lead by the one that was obscene, totally lacking in morals, without a smidgen of conscience.

We are now dealing with the decay from the corpse of human life’s worse elements. It is now, again, out in the open, with a “poster card” example of all the putrescence leading from the White House. He and his mentally ill gang are in the crosshairs of human justice.

The United States of America is still a young nation, growing and emerging with all of the earth’s humanity bonding from the correction of our errors and social ills.


Crime in the White House..and possibly Congress

The reigning chaos in the White House has spawned a series of infinitely unique firsts. The list of endless embarrassments and appalling lack of competence provides daily nausea and an air of definite uncertainty about the future of the United States of America.

Easily a distraction,  this constant bedlam, and turmoil is not quite the diversion expected by the Republican Party.

The plan, I am sure, after his win over the  12 other deplorable candidates from his party, was to blame all the lack of morals, racism, bigotry, insanity on him because he would surely lose to Hillary. He was always a serial liar, who failed as a con man. A racist and a pervert with no tax information available, this guy had no chance.

Certainly, Russia was a major business adventure before the election. Then after seeking and accepting Russia’s help to steal the election from the people of America, he criminalized the Republican party. Yes, Republicans in government and Republicans in the mainstream knew about his business dealings and liabilities. Their prayer was to push the agenda through before he would implode.

The fact is that “states rights”,  conservative racism, separatism, gerrymandering, and lying are not automatically a crime. However, perjury, collusion, and obstruction of justice are.

I am almost sure that is the focus of Mr. Mueller’s investigation. Most legal professionals like him would have come to some public conclusions by now. The 45th president can possibly avoid the Slammer via insanity. Mental health is a major crisis with a poster card example of need in the White House. These other “Republicans”, family members, friends, and cohorts have clear mental issues but not the get out of jail free card.

The chaos was an accepted distraction while the Republicans processed their agenda. He was and is too toxic for that. The tweets and the deaths of servicemen, citizens are too out spoken to ignore.The base or the 40% loyalists are exposed.

The mentally ill were emboldened by the Republican choice for President. I know and you know that Mental Illness is so pervasive it should be addressed in primary school agenda. The nature of many cases is not a threat to others much less humanity. His illness is. The violent white supremacists, Klu Klux Klowns, alt right, hypocritical religious right all share the same thinking. Chancellorsville has many precedents in American history.

I cannot believe the press would like you to believe that a certifiable mentally ill person’s words should be heard,  much less studied, examined for different misunderstandings while the Country’s very existence is being threatened.

If taking your time means you will get them all, take your time, Mr. Mueller, please. I know you are not distracted.

P.S. Can we get a billion dollars for  Mental health in the immediate next budget?



Prison Reform

Prison Reform

The United States of America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. On any given day our criminal justice system holds more than 2.3 million people in, 1719 state prisons, 102 federal, 942 juvenile corrections, 3283 local jails, 79 Indian country jails (Rabuy and Wagner 2016). That is the tip of the iceberg.

Our prisons are human warehouses that are plagued by indifference to the personal health.  Family destruction coupled to social injustice inevitably leads to eventual inhuman activities by professionals and inmates. Prison Reform is absolutely necessary to reduce recidivism and create a more humane society.

Our justice system manages to arrest 11 million people every year. The prisons release 636,000 every year. Parole is given to 820,000 while 3. 8 million are released on probation. These people are often divorced from their families.

In fact, Ramsey Clark, the U.S. Attorney General in 1972 argued that “Five years of incarceration destroys a man’s contact with people and society”. He did not offer a remedy or an option except to challenge the social structure to adjust the sentencing procedures and format.

Overcrowding, obviously, is easy to see as a natural occurrence that impacts the funding of these human storage units. Inmate crime is rampant, with professional (corrections/police) crime an interesting competitor for leading problems. The health and welfare of inmates are often accepted with minimal concern if any. This is where you, as an inmate, family member, friend of a relative can get lost forever.

Youth are the ultimate casualties. Most youth are imprisoned for non-violent crimes. The present count on youth is 7,200 incarcerated for offenses that are not crimes. Their life options are totally crushed. Education or skills learned in prison revolve around subjects like the best weapon for a robbery. The “street tutelage” is everywhere. The intimidation or fear levels are beyond recording. The result is often recidivism.

A criminal record eliminates most employment period. The jobs that may be available do not offer life supportive pay or salary. Military or civil service positions are eliminated. Health facilities and education cannot risk hiring ex-convicts.

Recidivism is the relapse into criminal behavior after being incarcerated. The return to prison compounds all the tragedies listed including the loss of hope and dignity that accompanies your name being replaced by a number. It reinforces your listing as a non-entity.  It guarantees you every day that you are expendable without any chance of contributing. The individual exceptions in this mass destruction of individuals and families are too few to count. This is how society becomes the “casualty”.

The private prisons have grown exponentially due to overcrowding and political convenience and the capitalization on human misery offer nothing except a clear image of sadistic inhuman indifference.

The inmate abuse level is magnified because of the non-professionals who staff them. These prisons exist in states where human and civil rights are constantly being abused or removed.

There may very well be more than one solution or option to this problem. The fact that the subjects in prison are by definition available for reformation and should present many choices provides a puzzling truth.  A total absence to commit to Prison Reform in any positive way is the reality in the civilized, compassionate, humane United States of America.

The racial and ethnic disparities in prisons and jails are an indicator of why and what must be a part of the resolution. The question is where to begin and with the last two factors entered we see the potential for many arguments of delay and resistance to move forward in the future, if at all.

Under the present structures, we are fracturing families which surely limits the successes of any children. We are training people who could employ terroristic tactics in any instant for any reason. Breeding skills at such trades as robbery with coaching on what would be effective in intimidation a “side by side” shotgun or an “over and under” is a part of Armed Robbery 101.

Easily, a more understanding compassionate sentencing structure would help. Skills taught outside of the walls could keep the prisoner “in touch” with families and society. Health institutions (mental) with counseling as the sentence with monitoring by law and medical staff would certainly be a credit in lieu of nothing.

The absence of these cesspools of degradation and the elimination of their products of mangled and angry survivors will take time but we must begin now with real acts that produce positive results.

Prison Reform is mandatory to reduce recidivism and create progress in a true Democracy.


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