The Jig is Up

Finally, we hear the bell tolling. The attempted coup of January 6, 2021,  presents the mandate that must be addressed by the Dept. of Justice. We are not a democracy without that being done.

The apparent focus on the naked former President is constantly revealing. His overwhelming lies will always be his. Now, he is guilty of all charges imagined. He has said so himself and he will say so again.

Much more importantly, he would absolutely do it again, given any chance. His newborn “red hat” wannabees are a threat to every citizen because of their “political actions” and lack of prosecution. They eagerly support the destruction of the only democracy ever.

The prosecution is absolutely mandatory here and now.

I  always thought insanity would be his “get out of jail free” card but the coup makes that a problem.

The GOP, yes, the party that wants to disown this pathetic human that they supported for five years gleefully, has allowed itself to be criminalized by association and participation in the coverup.

This extensive plan to keep the transfer of power and our sacred vote from being realized has collected most of the more prominent congress members and conservative wealthy citizens in this sordid stupid attempt to overthrow our government.

Coconspirators! This has been a problem since he took office. Expanding with the first impeachment, none of these citizens could be true to their vows or conscience realizing that they were a part of a lunatic criminal with a total void of conscience.

The articles of the second impeachment and  a seemingly endless continuation of criminal behavior continued and has been allowed until now.

Yes, the jig is up. Indictments are certain and so are their convictions.

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