My Man, Joe Biden

Junkie: That dude is a BMF!
Wino: Yes , I got to say you are right about that one. He is every bit of that.
J: He negotiated all those others into a “deal” that probably saved the country, again, from sure disaster, promised by those others ever since.
W: Hold up a minute, just who are those others we are talking about?

J: They were and used to be Republicans, but now, they are ex tea party, conservatives, evangelists, MAGA, etc…They are separatists. not fascists, never racists.
They also include liars, who “double down” on the admitted lie and are not the sharpest knives in the draw’ so to speak.

W: Okay, I am clear. Now, what were you saying about “Dark Brandon”? Heh- heh, that is hilarious!

J: Well, he is their worst nightmare. A real human being, who does and means his efforts and is ruled by his heartfelt emotions and conscience. A man who loves his woman, children, and country. One who gets the job done beyond belief lately, because he includes everyone, especially in his staff.

W: Yeah man, the views of Joe, falling, has increased like those “lies on the golf day”, or about that “fish I caught”. The same people are “gofers” liars all. They know they are “scared” of BA Joe because he is “TCBin” and if it is not still on the qt, HERE COMES KAMALA. You know a gofer goes for anything.
The internal cannibalism is fierce. Conservatives are choking on the debt ceiling deal.

J: I know, I know….please, Bro! I got it! They are truly “scared to the empty bowls’ of BA Joe.
They will never mention the successes of his policies and the Democrat’s achievements in 30 months of office. I did a deuce in half when I was.
W: Cap it, I heard all of that many times. What else were you sayin’ about today’s America?
J: Yeah, man, their fear of the truth about today and yesterday being like the end of their world. We now know, thanks to “progress” lies or alternative facts, being short-lived, if not, over.

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