Putting a cap on it

The effort to progress is becoming easier. Patience truly is a virtue.
The obstacle is now clearly visible to all, even the blind. So let’s be factual for a moment.
The former president is the best the GOP/Republican party has to offer to be the nation’s leader, the most powerful, influential man on the planet, as our leader is known to be.

These are more facts. The 91 felony indictments are his with an endless series of crimes to which he admits to being guilty. The seemingly perpetual array of criminal and sociopathic actions and words that continue are truly his.

The champion of lie breathers, whose sanity rivals a rabid bat in a locked outhouse, this lifelong failure is the distraction that failed.

He has failed to distract the world from knowing who and what the GOP is. He has revealed who this party has always been at its core. A group of cowardly people who are hypocrites, misogynists, and descendants of serial liars whose true virtues and values were deplorable, at best. This party has always been an obstacle to democracy.

He is, who they are. If that isn’t repulsive enough for everyone, we will always remember the putrid sycophant who uttered and acted out the most cringeworthy moment in recent memory.

This descendant of America’s kidnapped people, the Senator from the state that was first to secede from the union because slavery was more acceptable than human freedom, dignity, and respect.

The human being who demonstrated the willful absence and disregard of self-respect, dignity, and courage, which still plagues the victims of this unique systemic oppression.

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