Post Script : The Insurrection…Staying Focused. More than ever

The election of 2020 was the beginning of a new reality. Many would deny that. Humans, we all are forever, so there will be those people too.
Those people have become clearly a group of humans who deny reality and truth.Therefore they are very easy to recognize.

This year that has followed is the very beginning of a host of new futures in many ways. Many parts of our personal and historic “pasts” must be removed because they were not the truth. This only truth, not to ever be denied again,  must be confirmed by accountability for anything and everything.

The Insurrection or Patriot party in the soul of democracy was not ever a secret. More importantly, It was planned by American ….idiots and everybody knew, even if they did not want to know. Now, nothing about anything, or anyone associated with the former president, is a secret.

A real-life headcase is this 45th president, whose confirmed lies soared above 30 thousand. He was their choice.  His lies were always to save his chronically losing ass.Since the new bonds are so visible we must keep our focus on the mandates now.
The mandates are in accountability: who….what…when…perhaps, where, but this is the validation of a Democracy in action’ right here and now.

Staying focused means knowing the Republicans are the real problem for all of us, especially J. Biden. They would love to keep the focus on debunking liars’ fantasies rather than the truth that is known being confirmed publicly. Staying focused means knowing that the former president is the greatest threat to American democracy since 1865.

Staying focused means his current activity is nothing less than permitting a terrorist to set horrific bombs in place, fused to be ignited when the law enforcement moves to take him and his totally guilty crew in custody.

I cannot imagine any person, black or minority, especially,  getting this freedom for a minute. White supremacy, perhaps, but surely other powerful and wealthy people are connected to this ongoing putridity.

Let us set our lenses.

They, the Republicans, knew the power of lies repeated. The very history of our beloved country was entrenched in a cesspool of lies. The poor people and the women were just not worthy of being included in the count for these early patriots. The native Americans and the African slaves were equally expendable.  They were the victims of genocide at best.

The lies, especially fishing stories and “war stories ” were folklore to that demented party. Lying about our history could only be done by erasure when possible. They did this methodically, with purpose each and every time. They actually lived with lies chosen over truth.

Once in office, the reality of this psychopath became undeniably apparent.  The real problem was he was a serial criminal then, and now he had to be accountable.

J6,  as they say, is the day he exposed all connected to him for what they really are. It is also the day that accountability became a mandate. Arrests and prosecutions have begun. We must have more of this now or asap.

The criminal conspiracy captured in this net is perhaps larger than ever in recorded history. This did happen. Totally on our watch.

We may not ever have time to get all of the co-conspirators but we have  750 of these social deviants in custody that planned, supported, and actually tried to overthrow our government. Our focus must continue with justice being served as we, the people, expect and demand, right now. The AG, at least three, have the power to do this.

Purveyors of lies, on the virus, voting issues, China and the world at large, climate issues, gender discussions; we will rectify each and address every one of these things, in time.

Indictments and handcuffs are the order of this day. Right now, to save many lives, this must be done. Right now, to begin the healing and restoration of peace and harmony and to provide a living example of justice for our children, this must be done.

Staying focused, this is what it is and the time has come today

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