A New Birth

My emotions have been a buffet of turbulent joy since November 3, 2020. The gratification of the victory of democracy and decent people over the diametrically opposed was almost orgasmic.

The inauguration was replete with all the grandeur of a hopeful future.  The perfect words were spoken from each speaker,  while seemingly written from the same voice. All of which offered a confirmation that the higher plan is in place.

The last four years subjected all who were alive to the threat of the worst of mankind’s capabilities at every level. The visibility of this Maestro of Doom orchestrating the death of hopes, dreams, and then, lives,  every day was unbelievable.

The lies that echoed from past historical tragedies were being endorsed again. There was one difference. This time the leader was a psychotic member of the presumed ruling class. A social aberration, who was reared in a bubble of criminality and insulated from any accountability, until now.

The GOP was always the party of America when separation and assault on human dignity were the political norms. After losing their power to manipulate and misinform to achieve their goals, they faced humanity that had grown in awareness and numbers. This party then embraced a human who had absolutely nothing at all factually positive.

This party knew who he was, everyone did. They joined with him and found their true identity with this antisocial pathological misfit.

Facing the end of their never-ending lies and the truth about their connection to the inhuman sickness that was being constantly displayed by their new leader, this party chose to support his personal lies, his conspiracy theories, and ultimately his insurrection.

The lies and the stupidity of 400 years in America came home to roost during the Obama administration. The truth about racism was no longer in question, if ever. The ability of the liars to be held accountable, for whatever reason, evaporated into the Tea party, and evangelical conservatism. The GOP was now the party of the living dead.

That is what opened the door for their collusion with this petty phony criminal and they all entered.  Thus, they became a part of the darkest day in the history of the United States of America.

Yes, on January 6, 2021, these people, supported by the GOP, committed sedition, murder, and assault on every citizen of this country.  This pathetically feeble attempt to overthrow our democracy was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Our right to vote, and be counted, was and is the backbone of our freedom.

This new administration, the Biden administration,  brings all the possibilities of positive growth that the previous administration did not. More importantly, being held accountable, for the insurrection coupled with being held accountable for the racism and separation that has plagued our nation, promises a future that has long been denied.

America is now a reality in progress and the cost in human lives and suffering will remain immeasurable.

We are finally on our way to a better life for each and every person on this planet.

The price we paid will never be forgotten.





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