Flushing the Toilet

The Mueller report was everything we expected,  minus what we have all witnessed from the White House. The known factor in our Congress was the surrender of dignity and integrity of the Republican Senate to their deranged man-child leader. Was it too much to expect respect for your sworn oath or personal conscience to prevail against crime and tyranny?

The embarrassment of the Republican party has yet to appear. Their absolutely ridiculous attempts to support the President has now approached a bond with his mental residence.

Only one man had the intestinal fortitude, a true bond with his faith, and a love of country, family, and truth in his personal anguish.  This Mormon, Mitt Romney,  will stand forever tall over these devout hypocrites.

The President of the United States has committed criminal acts in office. He has committed multiple criminal acts to obstruct justice. He has been known as a serial liar and provided many displays of mental imbalance.

The personal history  of the Republican party choice for President in 2016 made him an exceptional candidate in many ways. Most people with his resume would have been rejected which speaks clearly about the pathetic group of misfit competitors.

The Republican party chose to embrace this compromised candidate, in his disgraceful totality,  at the risk of our government, our self-respect and most importantly,  our lives.

For over two years we, the people, as a nation died and were rewarded with lies. In disbelief, we were manipulated and fleeced of our peace and civility. The GOP, the Republican party, chose to allow their hallowed legacy to be confirmed as hypocrisy framed with the worst acts of our growth as a young nation.

With racism, misogyny, corruption, lies,  the GOP owned being a party of social predators. They are an active participant in obstructing our growth as a nation of freedom, justice, and equality for all people.

The evangelists, conservatives, libertarians,  known better as “the Right”,  have been collected with the truly most deplorable of humanity.

Flushing the toilet, that is now a universal swamp drain, thanks to the magnetism of the serial liar and transparent 45th POTUS, is all that remains for us, the people to do. We will do our job.

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