Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

J: Damn, Is that you? Looking better!  Still, on the wagon, I see.

W: Yeah,  and I see that is you, Mr. Dark Cloud with the silver lining.

J: Whoa, , no sense of humor today? Has your processor been hacked or something?

W: This is indeed more disturbing with each thought.
J:   What? The Liar in Chief has more blood on his hands?

W:   190,000 deaths at last count. You know by  Nuremberg standards, these are crimes against peace and humanity, to say the least.
J: Okay,  what could be more disturbing than that?

W: He said he could shoot a person in the middle of 5th Ave. and not be held accountable. Are the American people open to this?
J: No, not the American people. The Republican Party is complicit in many ways,  by legal examples, for sure.

W:  This is not about the American people. This is clearly about humanity.

J:   Wow, I can see. The  Trials are over. He never could testify even in his own defense and now,  neither can the other people who knew.

W:  Right!  Disturbing, to say the least. A  Nuremberg type thing, only self convicting in his own words and their inactions.

J: Back in ’46 capital crimes meant capital punishment when guilty. Now, we have to suffer the agony of his mouth because we could never justify capital punishment.

W: I am so glad I stopped drinking….alcohol and started drinking water…. a lot.

J: Not as glad as I am. This reality, here and now,  is better than an acid trip.


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