Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

w: Hey Man, is that you?
j: Who else would it be, laying low behind this mask!
w. The feces is about to hit the fan.
j: Feces?
w: Oh yeah!
w: This cyber-attack by Russia could only come from one source.
j: Okay, Sherlock, run it down to me.
w: I ain’t no tech expert in any way at all but there is only one personal phone that could be in contact with those agencies and departments of government.

j: This is about delicate, secret, or top secret and personal numbers and files breached. Every one of those government phones is locked in tighter than Dick’s hatband.

w: You feelin’ me now?  He would not give his phone when he took office like Bam did the Blackberry. Damn, under the cover of racism and misinformation, this Republican has exposed “the world,’ as naked as the videos, in Putin’s possession, of him with everyone except one of his wives.

j: You mean “golden showers” time?

w: This is just the tip of this iceberg.

j: So that’s why Putin is grinnin’ like a Chessy cat every time he is with him.



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