The Giants…A Giant Crises

February 22nd, 2014

 Finally after much agony I have come to understand that the New York Giants are too loyal and compassionate to relish in the exit of Tom Coughlin. He is in his last year of contract and renewing him is not supposed to happen….especially with the past years inconsistencies capped by  this brutal wake up year .  Unfortunately, he is too self absorbed to retire.

He  thinks only of himself and  he is abusing the owners with his lack of appreciation of their unprecedented generosity. After misusing his runners forever, David Wilson is a casualty and his career is on the line. Brandon Jacob’s entire career has been mismanaged . Eli is a steel man, with a very tired guardian angel. He has been hit and chased unnecessarily his entire career. The vital players are in Mash Unit form……every year?

Tom Coughlin admitted that he cannot motivate his team. He relies on senior players to motivate the other players.That aptly explains his win-loss record throughout his resume. Coaches like Noll, Allen, Walsh, Landry or more recently, Carroll and Harbaugh have never coached for the Giants. Belichick , Fox, Spagnuolo were assistants that clearly had a focus with results that Tom Coughlin is totally clueless forever.

More importantly GM Jerry Reese has never chosen his Coach.  Eli and others have never played for “another” coach. Jerry Reese’s selection of excellent players is confirmed by Giant discards (Coughlin’s casualties)  playing for teams through out the league after being deemed  expendable by the Giants.

 This season is over. All the prior  presumed disasters proceeded to become a heart wrenching reality, at least for Giant Fans, Players , and their families.  As a life long Giants fan, this is the most critical moment in Giant land since ownership decided to hire a General Manager that was not a figure head.

The history of the Giants has centered around family ownership. Conservative to say the least, the Giants won sometimes and loss too often.The sixties and seventies were torture years for Giant fans. Mr. Wellington Mara was sick of losing so a real General Manager, George Young, was hired and Mr.Mara, in his infinite wisdom, gave him control and power to hire all coaches and staff. Mr. Mara decided it was better for the family Maras and the Giant organization to hire a professional GM who could be objective, to avoid conflict with personal feelings.

The Giants were instantly  better  and with a coach who knew and connected with and understood his players, Bill Parcells , they became winners with Super Bowls, division titles. They were threats to win every game. Not Now !

The decision to fire or humiliate Tom Coughlin’s assistant coaches is  a most unnerving curiosity. Who makes the decisions?..Better yet, what is the Head Coach’s role with the Giants?  Coughlin’s expertise is offense.?

When is he going to be held responsible?

Being held responsible for every thing that happens and giving the  players credit for success is not….. Tom Coughlin .

Coaches are the quarterback’s  teachers, their guides, giving inspiration and support…….Not Tom Coughlin.

Tom Coughlin is a most stubborn dinosaur  but more disturbing is his lack of sensitivity and empathy. He will never change. Some opposition coaches own Tom Coughlin. The Giants are the only team that would harbor this relic. The players have become cannon fodder for nothing and their health, their careers and their future happiness are deferred or lost forever in retention of a loser with no plan except  to get paid again..Tom Coughlin has hustled the Giants big time!

Eli and his teammates have never had another coach’s planning or support.

Jerry Reese, who never ever gets a salute from Coughlin for the endless line of excellent athletes he has provided, never had Coach of his choice.

The Coach is the decision maker on the field. The players execute the PLAN of the Coach…In the case of the Giants with Coughin, the plan is always faulty and always exposes  the players  to peril. It is always known by the opposition.

These players have careers too.Their family extends to all Giant  fans. Why should their future be contingent on the proven ill decisions of a man past his time..if he ever did have a time?.Never dominating..never a true consistent  winner. Confidence comes from the COACH to his players . He is obviously no longer confident and he has  stated he relies on players to motivate other players. His management errors, time errors and lack of consideration for his players, are legendary.

How can the owners permit Coughlin to continue to sabotage the futures of so many? This stinks to the highest and unless  a new Coach is hired NOW, the Giants, their loyal fans, extraordinary players are all doomed to suffer through a delirious series of losses and injuries…with absolutely no chance of winning or being a threat to win until he is gone.

Ten years, two Super Bowls..Thousands of heartbreaking unnecessary disappointments,  a decade of athlete injuries both physical and psychological..An extension to Tom Coughlin’s contract…?

He is unworthy of that risk to all of us.

Barack Obama….A Chosen President

October 2nd, 2013

Serving with patience, humor and guile, with intelligence and wisdom beyond his earthly years, this president seemed to be waiting for them, Republicans and Democrats, to come to their senses.

Exhibiting daily a certain unbelievable courage  this man has done  his job as the 44th President of the United States. This is the big my opinion,   President of the U.S.   Barack Obama was  chosen President of the United States United States in 2008 and 2012.

The chaos existing in government and foreign affairs was  monumental in 2008. The sick group of politicians that  had collapsed the economy with lies, destroyed a culture and a nation while needlessly killing 10 million citizens was so disgusting the leaders could not make appearances for their “new”candidates.

These Republicans have had their deplorable acts documented here and in other media . Nothing can change the acts or the actors. They have spent every opportunity in every way to obstruct and constrict any flow or peace and harmony since losing the election.

Absolutely refusing to function under their elected leader because they are bigots …racists.  This “refusal to govern”is NOT about the Affordable Health care Act. Neither was Benghazi, Economy,Unemployment or whatever else those selfish tools of the rich chose to take issue with to disrupt government functions.

Obama represents the same principle of life to “Republicans” that Jesse Owens did to” Nazis”. This is not 1936. The Republicans are forever in 1936.  Progress is slower with some people than others.

The last five years have exposed these “patriots” for what they have always been. Liars about everything, Racists with elitist and religious hypocrisies running  rampant. These are their  limitations!  This is  mental illness. Why is this group of dangerously  mentally ill still in office?

Vowing to avoid accepting the truth of facts, vowing to obstruct the will of the people, and then deliberately disrupting the welfare and harmony of all families for their personal insanity. These are their documented actions . It confirms many possible mental disorders of which none ….are …right..Pardon the pun. Certainly all  are wrong for an elected leader or a mere social citizen.

Mr. President, I ask is their any reason we cannot request  Mr.Holder to present some indictments now?

He has a plethora of choices.  These people are the same liars from the Bush support group, all of them.  Any few will be enough for any reason.

The people who are financing these  amoeba minded tea party conservatives Republicans have to be addressed.

Shutting down the government?

Preceded by threats to do this…unless a “fee” is rendered or a law is changed. Deliberately compromising individual and national security? Initiating the threat of economic disaster? 

Is seeding anarchists illegal?

To play insidious games with the psyche of every man ,woman and child.  This, again, truly is a moral crime.

It will never be addressed without the accountability that will come with indictments.

   Your delay in asking for  specific acts to be investigated has ceased to have reason if there could ever be a reason.

Eavesdoppin’ on the Wino and the Junkie… growing

September 26th, 2013

‘W:  Dude! What are u sayin?

J:   That Coke is better when you smoke it…..not drink it?….just a rumor……hmmmm?   Nah?

W: Hey!..that  Crack will make you smell bad and destroy your neighborhood image. You might fight your Grandmother, I heard…….

  J:That “Crack” is fast food, not quite what I was having in mind but in a larger sense..All those “Brain Manipulators” better known as Drugs (illegal and legal), Booze(beer-infinity), have been known to be a partner in some horrific tragedy in human lives,…. hitting Grandma…… is truly bad but so is  a revolting body         odor..or……the dual standard, hypocritical justice applications …….the real problem…The War on drugs is a fifty-seven year war with all casualties and victims.

.no winning side?……… Fifty seven years with the same solution expecting a different result?……Farm owner or not this is Bull Shit!


W:  Whoa.. is…Smelling….. a … horrific tragedy?

J:  er….to me?…..Absolutely…but you  are not in that League of stink man, or we couldn’t hang…These damn people need to stop lying and do something to change the results for the better..They NEED to legalize a man’s medicine too…. 

W:  Speaking of stinking badly, the so called GOP..Republicans ..Conservative…ly speaking, of course..Whoeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Damn! ….What a hot mess they are!

J: They have no understanding of who they are without the lies, nepotism and bigotry…..Their common factor is racism and  suppression of the minorities and have nots…This is not easily done or practiced with all the technological progress of today.

W:  Word!  That going back to school  has got you to sizzle  lately..cannot believe you still do drugs ….

J:  My Medicine ?!!..Everyone has their medication….mine are illegal…sometimes..

W:  Speaking of medicine.   Reality and truth, like all good medicine, may be hard to take ,but clears the air and bowels too…if that is possible at the same time?

J: What are talking about now?

W: The Catholic Church..?..I love that new Pope , man…so real, so empathetic. Finally a living representative of the thinking that provides the medicine that cures so many human ills..He is awesome man, a Catholic Pope too?

J: True …I cannot even buy into any specific way or faith …but this Pope here..and now? He is clearly a caring, humble and courageous human that I,most importantly,trust…huge for me!

…Most clergy, regardless of faith or sect, I am totally suspicious of

This is a wonderful time to be alive!

W: Rumor suggests that Donald Trump was chosen poster child for the GOP and Sarah Palin got tiffed and took her demented fox crew home.

J: Please….Let the dead rest in peace

The New President..and New World Participation?

September 23rd, 2013

Syria, a ancient, significant land and a vital part of the all so very important mid east, has set the table for the most recent buffet for the world and it’s leaders to dine on. The menu was most disturbing although the diners and the Chefs/staff were more than familiar.

The disturbing menu?..Death..served by one of the most horrific killers  known to mankind ever. Poison gas..Sarin…. to  be specific..Yes, we humans are all killers and we argue about what is “humane” in that process?

Assuming that we all really do want to “stop the “Killing”,   we all proceed and invest our hopes with that eventual goal……. Don’t we?  Summits, Conferences, Secret agents ,Diplomats all want to end the killing…..even Wars are  to stop the killing..right? Hmmm?

As a veteran of the U.S. Army, Chemical Corps, trained at the Chemical Corps School, Ft.McClellan Ala., my experience with our arsenal of the United States’, is first hand.

Although the letters CBR have some how faded from the use they represented …..Chemical, Biological(germ/bacteria), Radiological(nuclear) warfare…or… how we can kill individuals and masses  without guns, etc. about sums it all up…except  for the clean up and aftermath.

These methods are totally real and have been for a very long time…Scare stories valid or imagined are not ever a goal here. The fact that these “killers” seemed to be feared notably by all humans should not be taken lightly.. 

CBR weapons are just other tools of death.

Killing anyone for any reason should be stopped immediately..which sets the table for the buffet in Syria or has the predicted critical moment been resolved..for the moment, …..with arch enemy Putin in agreement?.

The New President continues to offer new leadership to differ sharply from the past… What?    He kills people too!!   Back to the drawing board? ..Not quite!

 I offer that this monumental effort(stop the killing) must have a declared  beginning! This must start somewhere, now,  and the effort to eliminate killing must not be ever  be  halted or stopped. A slow pace for many is unacceptable but  a slow pace is better than none. Ask any turtle. Diversions simply must be  frustratingly tolerated  to persist towards  the ultimate goal.

This goal will not be done  today or tomorrow but we must simply never ever stop the effort. The effort to end killing or taking life. Humans are a great example of life  to begin with.

That said, this President’s limitations are as long as most other humans, I am sure. His significant   contributions,however, are a challenge  for comparison. 

The list continues from the beginning of taking office to now…From the financial crises, to the Economy rescue, Industry and Auto salvation, Disaster Maintenance, choice of Judges, Cabinet, Office delegation, Drones and diplomacy. The air and Vibes are different now. 

 The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan..saving lives now and in the future, the new leadership here and around the world is responding positively, to this “New U.S.” President.

A pact with Russia and China without rattling sabres?  Syria relinquishing chemical weapons.?..Really?..New diplomacy and Foreign Relations at work?……

A strange  challenge that still remains is working with  the terminally backward and deliberately resistant to any progress Conservatives, known as Tea Party/Republican …zombies. They actively do and will continue to persist in their denial of reality.

From Racism to  Lack of Gun Control, with senseless murders abounding at home  and  controlling any one’s life that permits, they proceed like no refutation of their pathetic lies and their twisted  anti-social practices had ever been presented or questioned. They now actually threaten to disrupt government in an extortion attempt to interrupt health care or Obamacare ,which is now federal law of the land.

Unfortunately, these bizarre continuances confirm a offering of multiple mental abnormalities that assuredly threatens  all others on many levels.

At some point or at every time opportunity avails itself. these issues and people must be addressed  and checked..over and again until their actions are no longer  tolerated!

Our freedom, love of same and all that it entails is always at risk when these issues and the people who support these issues  are not confronted and held accountable.

My Giants…….2013……

September 23rd, 2013

The New York Giants again have the most impressive athletes  in the NFL.

Jerry Reese is the General manager who has to accept this coach that has absolutely made every season of his tenure a nerve wracking experience and then , again, had to replace the roster losses with a equal or superior player.

Now he  must continue to endure the incredibly curious “offensive” decisions of ….”Terrible Tom Coughlin”!

Yes I said it before and with infinitely more conviction I say it now!…Nice guy, father figure maybe…Loser Coach!

Coughlin is the only “NFL COACH” who would have the ball, 1st and 10 on the  5 yard line in the first pre-season game and choose to pass  on first, second , and third downs with a plethora of running backs grinding their teeth with eagerness to blast into the end zone . The result, predictably enough, sets the table for the Giants new season. A field goal..frustration for running backs, disappointment from Quarterbacks and fans.

This again was followed by total undue stress on the defensive component and always the fans.

Typical Coughlin?…Absolutely!

Now we are looking at game #3 of the season after having lost the first 2. We have also lost players through injury and attrition as usual. We must include “braindead” decisions offered as excuses along with player blame.

We have lost any real hope for success for this season…without miracles aplenty. We have lost years of our lives and athlete purity. We have lost the “fruitful” years of our youth . We have kept Tom Coughlin…Why ?

How  or what do we the NY Giant fan, player, or management owe Tom Coughlin? Mr. Mara may feel protective about TC and loyalty is fine but loyalty to fans and players come first.

Every one has to go sooner or later…. one way or the other. Why is Tom still here? Your job record or capability of job success usually determines possession of same job. His record, except  for miraculous wins  including 2 Super Bowls over 10 years absolutely sucks.

His legendary ability to show a infantile loss of control in critical moments is not a compliment or what a recruiter would ask for in a new candidate. It is, however, a most valid negative indicator according to valid medical professionals. His job planning and approach may be understandable but being a “relic” and being “understood” by your opponent is not what a winning team, Army, or player would want….if a team could be a winner with that obvious handicap.

Which easily explains the results..of the Giant games. The Giants have players like no other team in the league and Tom doesn’t have a clue what to do with them. Losses could be heavy this year. Players cannot be replaced as easily as coaches although good coaches  are hard to find..

Other Coaches must be given an opportunity  to coach the Giants while we still have a team  or other great athletes of today! Our time is now…..?

Injuries are mounting.

I have pointed out examples from years past until now.. Tom Coughlin is the same old dude from 30 years ago..Every one and their game has changed profoundly  but not Tom.

The hits Eli takes are  an insult to his ability be a quarterback. This is  do to a total lack of proper planning,strategy, preparation  and understanding of today’s game. Tom eerily continues to expose Eli to career peril due to this personal flaw and weakness  unnecessarily.

Perry Fewell is not Steve Spagnuolo,  who saved Tom Coughlin’s toasted buns in’07  but  being on the same page with your staff  helps too, I’d bet.

Now, no one is on the same page as Coughlin obviously, and with a depressing frequency, more an more. Dementia has begun!  Yes!

Most importantly, some wonderful athletes have never played for  another professional COACH in their NFL careers! Does Eli and Cruz or Hicks and JPP, Tuck only get to be led by Tom Coughlin..That really smells badly.

Really bad the more one breathes..Ugh!

At this time , except for scarcely few moments, Coughlin always blames others. Players have to be destroyed. Teams and fan base get to be decimated while this” senior citizen”, whose heritage is totally suspect, gets to blame others for his consistent  malfunctions while standing on their careers and futures to embellish his very own mediocre history.

Boxers often don’t know when to quit….too bad they cannot be  fired before it is too late?

This extended ….period.. is truly adding insult to injury.

He has easily destroyed the careers of  a minimum of 30 excellent football players in his 10 years with the Giants (3 py)  and six(6) other potentially winning teams.

The players of today need the opportunity to play for another coach.

Any other coach would be held totally accountable, many times over. except Tom Coughlin..

Only Tom Coughlin???  Why not him?……What!!!.Jimmy Johnson for the  money, Lou Saban …more money?…Too bad , Pete Carroll is on a roll.  ..Bill Belichick..with a  6th  rd. draft choice? Tom Brady always sticks in my craw.

Good Coaching wins…..   Cowher waits..

America……Unfinished Business

July 21st, 2013

There are times and issues that are most difficult to endure. Individually addressed, I am sure these two subjects, times and issues, would have different priorities.

These times and these issues  of today affect us all. The absence of addressing or confronting them has not  only prolonged our agony but created the  burden of spawning countless other problems.

Addressing the issue at hand is the unfinished business of  burying the dead. The “dead” being the deplorable group of misinformed apparitions that was formerly  known as the Republican party or GOP.

History is a reference that is often distorted by the retriever of said  information. We must now give some attention to the history of the Republican party. The spirit of Lincoln was not ever shared or embraced. We have as a everlasting memory the great depression  of the thirties and the racism and elitism of  that period.

  The lack of consideration or ever caring about the common man  was common and many  were supporters of the Third Reich. The ability to be warmongers and pawns of the wealthy and the lobbyist are confirmed by their representatives and their actions beyond any doubt. My grandfather always said the Republicans were for the rich or wealthy and Democrats for the worker.

Being Afro-American was a disqualifying factor in his mind because” neither party would change our plight or be inclusive of our needs”. He still treasured his voting rights and insisted on family commitment to this American privilege.

In this particular issue at this time we are being obstructed and burdened by this now deceased Republican party.  These are people consumed by the social and economic ills of the past who are incapable of being progressive or ever open to the changes that have become a integral part of today’s society. The Republicans, new or old, are STILL a group of misinformed prevaricators who have no intention of facing their crimes and social ills.

The ideas and proposals from this group are a sad reminder daily of their terminal constipation. The attempts to be pious via Bible based or so called  Conservative dogma is insensitivity at it’s best. They are also unabashed liars and total hypocrites. Unfortunately,that often can be said of  many “politicians” in general but we are focusing on this time, our time in history and the social diseases that are fostering hate, discord and death to the masses.

The “life after death “group called the GOP or “Tea Party” has embraced and tried with every effort to retard and obstruct any plan or proposal from the now twice elected administration  in the United States or the will of the people  for five years.

Let’s briefly list their latest blunders…..sequester, fiscal cliff, use of congressional rules for personal or special interests. They are panderers to all issues that may be a obstacle to approval of the present administration actions without  any thought of the citizens and  other humans of the world.

Spending taxpayer money and vital time with impunity in search of a reason to discount the first administration in U.S. history to be so effective in Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy, vibrant growing economy and ending unemployment is beyond redemption. Their list of insults, stupidity, and crimes is very  long from my point of view.  This fuels my curiosity about “unfinished  business” . Why these people have not been held accountable  baffles the hell out of me.

They are committed to insulting women and being opportunistic bigots. Praying for the collapse or failure of Obamacare they march in dysfunctional goose step backwards embracing decadence and unbelievable resistance to accepting the failures and absurdity of their present  positions.

These so called pro lifers and stalwarts of human decency would STILL allow misfits and the mentally deranged to access weapons that are designed for killing masses of human beings……after Aurora, Newtown and the daily senseless murders in our homes and neighborhoods.

Trayvon Martin is another “expendable” victim in a endless line before him who is a casualty of this  horrible mental disorder that my country has condemned most other nations for, most ,but in their hypocrisy,condone or even harbor and nurture and defend that same  insulting and dehumanizing thinking .

Not one “Republican  Leader “has supported the right of Trayvon to stand his ground or questioned the absurd racist laws of Florida and the States of the Confederacy or other states that has used “stand your ground laws” to kill minorities. 

These still “active”social misfits have found strength in not being held accountable for their past crimes and total obstructive behavior in trying to resist the progress in human  growth and brotherhood.

Now “they”are holding on to Benghazi and the fact that the IRS has “focused” on their element while that farcical attempt to hijack the last presidential election with their money manipulations revealed they never had a chance to win legally. Anything to distract from the progress of this nation under new leadership from the top down. Anything.

The DOJ is snooping….?Hmmm.  Atty. General Holder has got to be “champing on the bit” in his eagerness to present indictments. He can certainly start with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. It would take more space and more time than I have to extend this  perpetrator list. However, This is the most necessary “Business” to finish on this planet . There must be JUSTICE,……NOW!

These pawns and their petty harassing hemorrhoid moves  that are funded by the illegally wealthy will disappear faster than Al-Qaida…. IF…. Mr. Holder opens inquiry and sticks an indictment or two in the mix. This is a promised fact, no crystal ball needed!

These are not ordinary times and this administration is anything but “ordinary”. A most needed change was implemented and executed by a  most needed administration. This is the most “NEEDED” indictment . We must demand accountability and justice for the history of mankind.The crimes of the Bush administration,local,national and world combined all the worst scenarios in the history of mankind or politics.

There is no reason to prolong mandating accountability.These social predators will never admit their crimes or acknowledge the progress since their removal from power.They will never admit that all humanity deserves equality or that the Affordable Care Act….(Obamacare?) is a success and a growing strength and blessing to the needy.  They will never admit the economy, including jobs, is better and growing more than ever before in U.S. history. The Dow Jones index is approaching 16k. They will never admit that segregation is a detriment in every way to human harmony. Their hypocritical, racist, elitist legal maneuvers are in fact a cover for  more sinister possibilities, if that can be imagined.

These …”Republicans have fostered all of the problems we now are distressed and threatened by..All are Republican based..The most egregious factor about them is their constant distortion of the truth or they believe their ridiculous gutless lies to avoid accountability.

They promised doom and chaos from everything they couldn’t obstruct. None of this was ever truth as is the rest of their reasoning or rational. The only common factors are the bigotry and racism mated with inhuman feelings for minorities and any dissenter.

There is no mystery here. These people are the former leaders of the Republican party..The wars, the recession, inner house dissension,unemployment and lack of a positive plan are their signatures. How in hell can we listen to people like John McCain, Sarah Palin and the “tea party”? Why should we consider these people who have no history of being positive or accurate in their thinking or planning and have all supported the sick and absolutely criminal actions of the past administration?

Why anyone can possibly respect or trust these social misfits, proven liars in ANY WAY is an astounding curiosity forever unless it is just the remaining scent from their ghost toilet use that will surely vanish with the ventilation of indictments.

We are the Family of the future…..

July 21st, 2013

Interracial families are defined often with scorn and some derision. Mulatto children are black and white , Asian and white is ..something  else…The naming game can continue and is usually defined by geographical boundaries or some religious reference . Unfortunately, that all leads to a separate biased thinking . We all know those thoughts encompass a myriad of threats to our personal very life, liberty and any possible happiness.

The difficulty that human beings have in  accepting each other due to skin color, physical differences, religious or life choices can easily be traced to our human limitations and lack of any technology except the wheel, lever and other simple tools of early human existence as one factor,  my opinion only, of course.

The fact that humans were and are eaten like other eatable animals is a subject for another day but we human beings are still capable of the most horrific and dastardly antisocial behavior. We have obviously made progress in our twenty million estimated years of existence on our beloved planet Earth. We are, nevertheless, arrogant beyond belief as a group and so full of our individual selves that our biggest threat is Ego Obesity.

It,EO, is  a unfortunate obstacle, but it is obviously going to live on. What is important from my  view point is that the beginning and history is there for all to refer to and perhaps understand that separation of humans for the racial and religious or differences in life choices is not only painfully stupid but extremely costly in human lives and material(money?) losses.

Technology …has become high….er. The vehicles of transportation have continued to evolve or grow and expand….Bicycle and Rickshaw to Motor driven cycles and cars of all sizes. The Horse is sometimes allowed to be a loved member of the house as a pet ….only. Boats from canoes to cruise ships that would shame the “Titanic”and…. Air travel…Fuhgedaboutit.

More Tech or technology..drums to  Ipad or whatever!!!!

Do you think if humans could access each other for any of the 20 million earlier years as they can now or only the last 150 years …..that the “obstacles”, and blind stupidity  coupled to a unbelievable stubbornness and terminal resistance to progress could ever be as popular?

I doubt it…..we learn from our mistakes! That is why we continue to live and other life species does not!

All of this social discomfort of  today has it’s roots or beginnings … the “dark ages” pun here. Life is time to many of us and changes over time have been continuous in our collective human life. Our growth must be,  sooner or later, represented in our actions.

Without our growth we could not have reached this clarity or accumulated this level of knowledge… we are ..truly progressing ..growing….socially. Our individual human life is short but collective life is continuing.

Perhaps, in the future people will not be  amazed by the color, or ethnicity, or trivial borderlines of origin of  a individual ,super athlete, or celebrity…. because those barriers to free thinking and unconditional acceptance will be history.

Yes , we have been the product of mixed, hopefully hot  sexual activity for the longest…we all have mixed DNA….(hi-tech at work) only anti-science people have trouble with this stunning new…. tool?

Skin color is morphing…We will all be a healthy ..beige…in the future! just joking?

I seriously think it is totally possible,  not necessarily the “beige” or how insignificant can  color be?

Yes, in fact, we will be better in every way and our social harmony will be the most pleasurable because ..because we are humans and we learn from our mistakes ……

Boxing….The Manly Art of Self Defense

April 5th, 2013

My favorite sport was Boxing. I was taught and and coached with the early skills of offense and defense as a child. The dance of foot movement , the jab,  the bob and weave. I loved it.

As a child getting hit did not resonate at all like it began to with age and bigger opponents.  I did not like to be hit. I began to reason that a Boxing career would not be a good thing for me. Being very clear about that fact did not stop me from loving the sport.

My childhood heroes were rife with Boxers of all weights and and styles. The names will never be forgotten because their signatures were signed in their very blood and underlined with their human sacrifice. Brutally fascinating always, the battles in the arenas by these modern day gladiators remain statements of human dedication and courage beyond any imagination for all time.

Watching  the bouts with fascination and amazement began to change to anticipation of a chilling reality.  My adulthood brought the understanding that the art of self defense left  most of it’s participants with a certain horrific fate , certainly an overwhelming  majority. A consistency that  still staggers the core of being human, at least,my core.

Blood, guts and disfigurement  were always a side product of the fight. The amount of each was the only unknown. Did I really enjoy watching a “fight”? Is my stomach getting weak with age? The pleasure derived from watching a fake or parry followed by a counter punch that breaks a contestant’s nose was waning . The blood and the instant lack of balance being a inspiration to the crowd and opponent had a chill to it .

Was this the thrill? Was anticipating the knockout and total separation from senses being as good as it gets? Was the goal actually to…. kill..rather than death just being an occupational hazard? Emile Griffith vs. Benny “Kid” Paret will always come to mind.

Some pugilists  manage to escape the disfigurement and dementia that escalates rapidly as they age. However,they do not get a pass on losing a certain sense of self. It matters not whether they were the purest of dedication to their craft. The erosion that follows being understood as another “occupational hazard” is available to all. 

The role call of Boxing’s greatest legends is the same listing for tragic deaths and and unending sadness in the lives that fade away as we the fan and the public watch.

This addiction to witnessing pain being inflicted on others seems to be a constant in contact sports. Football, the NFL, in particular, has had its flurry of “victims” due to concussion and deliberate impact to cause injury. Millions of spectators watch every week, every event  all identifying with the winner…perhaps?

My favorite sport has competition lately. Tennis and Chess have grown.Yet, Boxing and Football still happen to be a joy for me too. I am sure that this  all could be a part of the battle between “good and evil” that rages in all of us. As the old native American said “the winner will be the one who is fed the most”.

I like to think I feed the “good” but ……….. my human imperfections are many.

Eavesdoppin’ on the Wino and the Junkie…

April 5th, 2013

W:We meet again?..Cannot believe it is you  ?

J:Here we go again..of course it is me….that juice is making your brain so soggy…not a good thing in case you were wondering.

W:Live and let live…try that!

J: You are just the man I wanted to see…I gotta a game for discussion I’d like to play. I say the name or subject and you give your first thought..Then we can reverse,………..know what I’m sayin’?

W:Uh-Oh.. go ahead??


W:Which one?

J:good question but Dubya

W: used him like  toilet tissue

W: Palin.

J: She looked good ….even to John McCain


J: War criminal and liar extraordinaire

J: Condoleeza Rice

W:..sooo hot and soo smart …a Scorpio too…. nobody wanted to hit it

J: Damn..extra research here… been to see my medicine man?


J: Confirmation that Money cannot buy Brains or even sincere advisors

W: Wow..your medicine is the bomb


W:Same as Trump with more morals  but not a lot more…I guess


W: a weak sacrifice …didn’t have a chance…did he do anything ..ever?

J: Tea Party

W: Republican Cancer

J:What do they all have in common?

W:Republicans?…Losers?..take your pick


J: a deceased political party that succumbed to  ample quantities of decadent Socio-Economic and Cultural habits mated  with genetic descendants of The Oglethorpe colony……Messy too with that internal cannibalization on display

The Giants…..In Quiet Crises

April 5th, 2013

 One year ago the Giant fans were celebrating a most miraculous recovery. The season had presented the unusual and and stunning victories needed to over come the curious plays and choices of Tom Coughlin.

This has been a year of disappointment from the beginning . All Giant fans know of the annual collapse that comes with Tom Coughlin. This year has brought that collapse and misuse  then  loss of the usual excellent and gifted players recruited and signed by the “genius”General Manager Jerry Reese.

Mario Manningham, Brandon Jacobs and others followed the annual exodus created by the  alignment that supports this alien coach. This alliance has little resemblance to the logic of the general manager. This coach is not the choice of  Jerry Reese.

Tom Coughlin has managed to use the players and choices of free agency and draft to produce a most disappointing mediocre winning percentage. The last half of the season going for dung.

He has managed to produce two championship seasons only with the help of newly hired rescue defensive coordinators.How in the hell can he be considered a hall of fame coach or why should that be a thought?

Why can’t Jerry Reese have a coach that he selects like other NFL general managers? I am hearing that Mr. Reese, Eli Manning ,the team and the fans are stuck with Tom Coughlin until he retires.   

 Coughlin has managed to unnerve the fans with his inconsistency.  This surely causes discomfort  among the staff and players. He has managed to isolate and provide a atmosphere of toxicity for Mr. Reese to choose to stay or leave for a more supportive owner.

The contract of Victor Cruz is a familiar scenario since Terrible Tom has been on board. In this example it became glaringly apparent  and with other players before this contract that for some reason Mr. Mara speaks when other GMs would be the information source.

The Giants have lost a major assistant to Mr. Reese to another team. The media and again the Giant ownership seem to be limiting the choices and decisions of the General Manager. Surely this is having a negative effect on Mr.Reese. Is it possible Tom Coughlin wants Mr . Reese’s job? That would surely sink the Giants for the future.

Briefly, a short  review of the facts since Coughlin has been coaching the Giants.

.Alienation of major role players from the beginning accompanied by inconsistent winning.The list began with Strahan, Tiki Barber and continued with assorted other stalwarts at their positions. The latest loss to the Giants is Osi Umeniyora. The key factor being most of them leave and are replaced only to start or play  for other teams. They all shared one factor in common. A conflict with Tom  Coughlin centering on length of playing time and situation.

He has now started the dismantling of a Championship team because he cannot provide the leadership and human awareness to utilize the players.

Victor Cruz is the same sensational player who after catching passes with one hand in his first preseason game had to sit out the season because the Coach did not think he would be needed.He abused Brandon Jacobs psychologically by not playing him. He  is doing the same thing to the Giants number one draft choice of last year, David Wilson.

The faults or errors that Tom Coughlin is habitually prone to making are legendary, especially with the coaches that regularly use him as a doormat.

What is glaring here is the fact that he is still the coach? Mr.Mara is often referenced as a source of information instead of the general manager, Jerry Reese.

Tom Coughlin has not ever won constantly and the Giants have been burdened under his pedestrian leadership.

The Giants, my favorite NFL team, are in a period of reorganization now because of retaining Tom Coughlin.  The current players  are all in a state of flux because of this coach. There are options …still. There are other coaches.

When the owners, Mara and Tisch, decide to give the reins to the General Manager, Jerry Reese, the Giants will be moving forward and surely winning consistently .