The Jig is Up

Finally, we hear the bell tolling. The attempted coup of January 6, 2021,  presents the mandate that must be addressed by the Dept. of Justice. We are not a democracy without that being done.

The apparent focus on the naked former President is constantly revealing. His overwhelming lies will always be his. Now, he is guilty of all charges imagined. He has said so himself and he will say so again.

Much more importantly, he would absolutely do it again, given any chance. His newborn “red hat” wannabees are a threat to every citizen because of their “political actions” and lack of prosecution. They eagerly support the destruction of the only democracy ever.

The prosecution is absolutely mandatory here and now.

I  always thought insanity would be his “get out of jail free” card but the coup makes that a problem.

The GOP, yes, the party that wants to disown this pathetic human that they supported for five years gleefully, has allowed itself to be criminalized by association and participation in the coverup.

This extensive plan to keep the transfer of power and our sacred vote from being realized has collected most of the more prominent congress members and conservative wealthy citizens in this sordid stupid attempt to overthrow our government.

Coconspirators! This has been a problem since he took office. Expanding with the first impeachment, none of these citizens could be true to their vows or conscience realizing that they were a part of a lunatic criminal with a total void of conscience.

The articles of the second impeachment and  a seemingly endless continuation of criminal behavior continued and has been allowed until now.

Yes, the jig is up. Indictments are certain and so are their convictions.

Post Script : The Insurrection…Staying Focused. More than ever

The election of 2020 was the beginning of the new reality. Many would deny that. Humans, we all are forever, so there will be those people too.

This year that has followed is the very beginning of a host of new futures in many ways. Many pasts must be removed because they were not the truth. This truth, not to ever be denied again,  must be confirmed by accountability for anything and everything.

The Insurrection or Patriot party in the soul of democracy was not ever a secret. It was planned by American idiots and everybody knew, even if they did not want to know. Now, nothing about anything, or anyone associated with the former president, is a secret.

A real-life headcase, whose confirmed lies soared above 30 thousand, was their choice.  His lies were always to save his chronically losing ass. Since the new bonds are so visible we must keep our focus on the mandates now.

Staying focused means knowing the Republicans are the real problem for all of us, especially J. Biden. They would love to keep the focus on debunking liars’ fantasies rather than the truth that is known being confirmed publicly. Staying focused means knowing that the former president is the greatest threat to American democracy since 1865.

Staying focused means his current activity is nothing less than permitting a terrorist to set horrific bombs in place, fused to be ignited when the law enforcement moves to take him and his totally guilty crew in custody.

I cannot imagine any person, black or minority, especially,  getting this freedom for a minute. White supremacy, perhaps, but surely other powerful and wealthy people are connected to this ongoing putridity.

Let us set our lenses.

They, the Republicans, knew the power of lies repeated. The very history of our beloved country was entrenched in a cesspool of lies. The poor people and the women were just not worthy of being included in the count for these early patriots. The native Americans and the African slaves were equally expendable.  They were the victims of genocide at best.

The lies, especially fishing stories and “war stories ” were folklore to that demented party. Lying about our history could only be done by erasure when possible. They did this methodically, with purpose each and every time. They actually lived with lies chosen over truth.

Once in office, the reality of this psychopath became undeniably apparent.  The real problem was he was a serial criminal then, and now he had to be accountable.

J6,  as they say, is the day he exposed all connected to him for what they really are. It is also the day that accountability became a mandate. Arrests and prosecutions have begun. We must have more of this now or asap.

The criminal conspiracy captured in this net is perhaps larger than ever in recorded history. This did happen. Totally on our watch.

We may not ever have time to get all of the co-conspirators but we have  750 of these social deviants in custody that planned, supported, and actually tried to overthrow our government. Our focus must continue with justice being served as we, the people, expect and demand, right now. The AG, at least three, have the power to do this.

Purveyors of lies, on the virus, voting issues, China and the world at large, climate issues, gender discussions; we will rectify each and address every one of these things, in time.

Indictments and handcuffs are the order of this day. Right now, to save many lives, this must be done. Right now, to begin the healing and restoration of peace and harmony and to provide a living example of justice for our children, this must be done.

Staying focused, this is what it is and the time has come today

A New Birth

My emotions have been a buffet of turbulent joy since November 3, 2020. The gratification of the victory of democracy and decent people over the diametrically opposed was almost orgasmic.

The inauguration was replete with all the grandeur of a hopeful future.  The perfect words were spoken from each speaker,  while seemingly written from the same voice. All of which offered a confirmation that the higher plan is in place.

The last four years subjected all who were alive to the threat of the worst of mankind’s capabilities at every level. The visibility of this Maestro of Doom orchestrating the death of hopes, dreams, and then, lives,  every day was unbelievable.

The lies that echoed from past historical tragedies were being endorsed again. There was one difference. This time the leader was a psychotic member of the presumed ruling class. A social aberration, who was reared in a bubble of criminality and insulated from any accountability, until now.

The GOP was always the party of America when separation and assault on human dignity were the political norms. After losing their power to manipulate and misinform to achieve their goals, they faced humanity that had grown in awareness and numbers. This party then embraced a human who had absolutely nothing at all factually positive.

This party knew who he was, everyone did. They joined with him and found their true identity with this antisocial pathological misfit.

Facing the end of their never-ending lies and the truth about their connection to the inhuman sickness that was being constantly displayed by their new leader, this party chose to support his personal lies, his conspiracy theories, and ultimately his insurrection.

The lies and the stupidity of 400 years in America came home to roost during the Obama administration. The truth about racism was no longer in question, if ever. The ability of the liars to be held accountable, for whatever reason, evaporated into the Tea party, and evangelical conservatism. The GOP was now the party of the living dead.

That is what opened the door for their collusion with this petty phony criminal and they all entered.  Thus, they became a part of the darkest day in the history of the United States of America.

Yes, on January 6, 2021, these people, supported by the GOP, committed sedition, murder, and assault on every citizen of this country.  This pathetically feeble attempt to overthrow our democracy was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Our right to vote, and be counted, was and is the backbone of our freedom.

This new administration, the Biden administration,  brings all the possibilities of positive growth that the previous administration did not. More importantly, being held accountable, for the insurrection coupled with being held accountable for the racism and separation that has plagued our nation, promises a future that has long been denied.

America is now a reality in progress and the cost in human lives and suffering will remain immeasurable.

We are finally on our way to a better life for each and every person on this planet.

The price we paid will never be forgotten.





Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

w: Hey Man, is that you?
j: Who else would it be, laying low behind this mask!
w. The feces is about to hit the fan.
j: Feces?
w: Oh yeah!
w: This cyber-attack by Russia could only come from one source.
j: Okay, Sherlock, run it down to me.
w: I ain’t no tech expert in any way at all but there is only one personal phone that could be in contact with those agencies and departments of government.

j: This is about delicate, secret, or top secret and personal numbers and files breached. Every one of those government phones is locked in tighter than Dick’s hatband.

w: You feelin’ me now?  He would not give his phone when he took office like Bam did the Blackberry. Damn, under the cover of racism and misinformation, this Republican has exposed “the world,’ as naked as the videos, in Putin’s possession, of him with everyone except one of his wives.

j: You mean “golden showers” time?

w: This is just the tip of this iceberg.

j: So that’s why Putin is grinnin’ like a Chessy cat every time he is with him.




Congratulations, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Thank you for making ” the best is yet to come” a reality now.  The amount of time and the volume of words to address the power of your victory will never be enough. I will try to narrow my focus to this moment.

The present parade of macabre actions by the POTUS pales daily when compared to the absolute abandonment of human responsibility and conscience of his decadent party.

This “Republican party”, bankrupt of any code words or gaslights to continue their centuries-long suppression of voter’s rights, freedom, and justice for all, jumped on the coattail of this known phony in 2015.

What has followed, daily, has been appalling. The actions of the former GOP have been putridly consistent in the last four years. The lies and the criminal actions by this abominable person have never been unknown. Now, with deaths in American lives clocking in at 2300 per day and rising plus the economy totally stagnant, this American party is fractured. Even more stunning, they are suddenly mute, probably because of their complicity.

Criminal convictions, with exposure to the same fate that he can no longer avoid, became a sure probability. Then,  obvious to all, they knew he would not be able to continue in office, panic followed. They would do anything to keep from being accountable for their actions, not his.

This Democracy used its spearhead, the vote of citizens, to cement its place in human history that will no longer ever be denied. This is the other “reason” for the silence that has been deafening since November 3, 2020.

The new day has come. It brings Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their plans for an America, that was promised but has yet to be. It brings competent proven professionals who are dedicated and committed to their work at every level of official government business. It brings individuals with integrity and character to the controls that can and will bring the change to facilitate government. It brings a demand for accountability.

This time in our history brings a  government with the capacity to be caring and supportive for all people. A government that clearly reflects the representation of humanity at every level with the presence of freedom, justice, and equality a reality at last.


Still Focused

While seeing in disbelief the carnage wreaked upon my country during the reign of the sociopath, his latest crime against humanity has been compounded by the act of depriving 650 million face masks in April of this year 2020.

The daily criminal acts by this lunatic and his administration of Republican coconspirators are continuous. Each confirming a very personal lack of consciousness or respect for human life. This latest release by the U.S. Post Office confirms the deliberate purpose to expose the population to an absolute illness (COVID 19), and an extended halt to any effort to help the economy, thereby ushering a direct exposure to death.

The “new” chronology of truth follows  Jan 28, 2020. He, the sociopathic homicidal president, knew from China, the truth about the perils and dangers of this virus. In his very own words, thanks to a dedicated writer’s tape, we all heard him. Then he chose to continue to lie in every way possible for 9 months.  Eighteen recordings of his voice discussing all the horror that he chose not to tell the citizens, the trusting, the innocent while 200,000 Americans died. No? Not enough yet.

We, the people, are presumed to be concerned only with our choice for President in 7 weeks or less. Ignoring the chaos and lawlessness and assaults on every American from his mouth and Republican chicanery, we are supposed to forget lies, bigotry, Impeachment, etc.

The election on November 3, 2020, is the day we have been preparing and organizing for. We will vote like never before because clearly, our very lives are on this ballot/

Of course, we also know that being a private person again or knowing he will lose poses his real dilemma.  Accountability! That is the reality he , again, has never had to face.

Ownership of your words and actions await not only him but his enablers, and sadly, all those who “knew the truth”  too. They all will eventually have to face justice which surely must come soon.

Meantime, we are supposed to witness a thousand more deaths every day, a totally fractured economy, and a government on life support. The serial liar, tax evader, convicted mass assassin, by his own words, is prolonging going to justice.

The top law officer, as well as the lowest ranking law officer, knows their mandate when witnessing any crime in action. Without the Police taking action, there is another possibility,  The citizen’s arrest is enacted,

We are in need of law enforcement desperately.


Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

J: Damn, Is that you? Looking better!  Still, on the wagon, I see.

W: Yeah,  and I see that is you, Mr. Dark Cloud with the silver lining.

J: Whoa, , no sense of humor today? Has your processor been hacked or something?

W: This is indeed more disturbing with each thought.
J:   What? The Liar in Chief has more blood on his hands?

W:   190,000 deaths at last count. You know by  Nuremberg standards, these are crimes against peace and humanity, to say the least.
J: Okay,  what could be more disturbing than that?

W: He said he could shoot a person in the middle of 5th Ave. and not be held accountable. Are the American people open to this?
J: No, not the American people. The Republican Party is complicit in many ways,  by legal examples, for sure.

W:  This is not about the American people. This is clearly about humanity.

J:   Wow, I can see. The  Trials are over. He never could testify even in his own defense and now,  neither can the other people who knew.

W:  Right!  Disturbing, to say the least. A  Nuremberg type thing, only self convicting in his own words and their inactions.

J: Back in ’46 capital crimes meant capital punishment when guilty. Now, we have to suffer the agony of his mouth because we could never justify capital punishment.

W: I am so glad I stopped drinking….alcohol and started drinking water…. a lot.

J: Not as glad as I am. This reality, here and now,  is better than an acid trip.


George Floyd

Finally, stark naked reality of what life was and has been for black people in America. The tortuously slow sadistic death of  George Floyd was caught on multiple personal cameras in broad daylight encapsulating forever the existence of the suffering kidnapped people and their descendants.

Evil,  so systemic in America, showed the demons’ true vacuum of conscience as they perversely carried out their inhuman acts on this human being. Words and actions so vividly clear in every way presented a most shockingly appalling image to the world.

America, the melting pot of world communities, elected a known moral deviant to be its leader. He was their best candidate to continue its racism and cruelty, misogyny, and other crimes against humanity.

Orangeman was no secret. His public criminality and lack of conscience were shared in many ways by his social group and his political party.  America did not know he was totally void of any positive character values or conscience.

Orangeman supporters could not hide or deny that they were complicit in his crimes against humanity. Now, with 104,000 thousand American deaths due to COVID 19 and his lies, with 40 million citizens unemployed due to his corrupt administration and his lies, the divided country is paralyzed by these facts of the last 100 days.

George Floyd’s words,  although said many times before,” I can’t breathe” was heard throughout the universe, and his calling for his “Mama” freed humanity.  It unleashed an endless tide of global support for equal justice and equality for everyone.

Orangeman, trapped and alone, tried to hide, as cowards and sinners always do.  The rock/ bunker cried out “no hiding place”. His latest devilish performance was desecrating sacred places of worship to galvanize his deplorable base. He wants to use the American military to kill their brothers, fathers, and other fellow Americans.

My childhood friend died in the custody of the police at the age of 14. Being chased by a lynch mob in my class A Army uniform in Anniston, Alabama in 1961, forced me to remember tales my grandfather told of life below the Mason Dixon line.

As an adult, the deaths were many in the custody of the police. Cameras gave the victims names. Prison was always the only other option for black men that the police and justice of America would offer. It was another way of killing black men and families, in abundance and with less controversy.

I would like to think that I am a survivor, but I know a part of me died with every one of my brother’s deaths.

With the most heartfelt condolences to the family of George Floyd, I must also offer my eternal gratitude for the life of George Floyd.


Staying Focused

This President is a liar. He has always been a liar.  So,  tell me why would a group of people, Republican, Evangelicals, Conservatives choose to support and be loyal to him?  Yes, we do know him now, better than ever. He is a confessed tax-evader, quid pro quo expert.  His behavior, in every way,  wreaks streams of abnormalities.  One must ask, why would his words or answers be of any value?

The media, with the emphasis on Republicans and the “right-wing”,  has chosen to profit from deliberately misinforming the public.  Republican business ties to China were totally profitable long before the President’s  Corona crown froze the world into an introspective pause.

Yes,  loyalty to him is mandatory.   Impeachment and assorted criminal acts formed a constant parade of insanity in which the GOP  has now become a co-conspirator.  They are totally responsible for every fragment of this human tragedy.  They have always sanctioned and supported issues of human decline as opposed to issues of support and caring for the growth of mankind.

He chooses to be visible. This is the consequence we now suffer for the overexposure of this pathetically challenged world leader.  My anger, disgust, and feelings of disbelief are being replaced.  It was sadness at the Republican town hall.

This  President has many reasons not to be okay with losing this election. He surely cannot be cross-examined about anything by anyone.  Do you think losing the election will be enough to get him to leave 1600  willingly?

Knowing that the few surrounding coconspirators are trapped and the deplorable 40 % cannot help themselves,  how can he not say what he says all the time? “Fake news”,'”Deep State”, “The chosen one”  etc… armed militias in statehouses of legislation, it is a bit much,  don’t you think?

He is a self-convicted criminal that cannot avoid being convicted by society; local, national, and global.  Sixty-seven thousand American deaths to his credit are the tip of the iceberg of criminal culpabilities to which he is clearly exposed. No way he will be compliant with reality or truth. That is why the eventuality, his loss, that is more probable than any other, has not been discussed? I hope not, but his M.O. is hard to ignore.

This is the one bad boy who we know what he’ll do when they come for him which is a truly malodorous possibility.  The question is,  what will we do? That can be discussed now. Really!

Staying focused!





Flushing the Toilet

The Mueller report was everything we expected,  minus what we have all witnessed from the White House. The known factor in our Congress was the surrender of dignity and integrity of the Republican Senate to their deranged man-child leader. Was it too much to expect respect for your sworn oath or personal conscience to prevail against crime and tyranny?

The embarrassment of the Republican party has yet to appear. Their absolutely ridiculous attempts to support the President has now approached a bond with his mental residence.

Only one man had the intestinal fortitude, a true bond with his faith, and a love of country, family, and truth in his personal anguish.  This Mormon, Mitt Romney,  will stand forever tall over these devout hypocrites.

The President of the United States has committed criminal acts in office. He has committed multiple criminal acts to obstruct justice. He has been known as a serial liar and provided many displays of mental imbalance.

The personal history  of the Republican party choice for President in 2016 made him an exceptional candidate in many ways. Most people with his resume would have been rejected which speaks clearly about the pathetic group of misfit competitors.

The Republican party chose to embrace this compromised candidate, in his disgraceful totality,  at the risk of our government, our self-respect and most importantly,  our lives.

For over two years we, the people, as a nation died and were rewarded with lies. In disbelief, we were manipulated and fleeced of our peace and civility. The GOP, the Republican party, chose to allow their hallowed legacy to be confirmed as hypocrisy framed with the worst acts of our growth as a young nation.

With racism, misogyny, corruption, lies,  the GOP owned being a party of social predators. They are an active participant in obstructing our growth as a nation of freedom, justice, and equality for all people.

The evangelists, conservatives, libertarians,  known better as “the Right”,  have been collected with the truly most deplorable of humanity.

Flushing the toilet, that is now a universal swamp drain, thanks to the magnetism of the serial liar and transparent 45th POTUS, is all that remains for us, the people to do. We will do our job.