Holding the Nation Hostage

Staying focused the last few years has been a challenge in many ways for each of us, I am sure. The political and the daily life in my country has been obviously unsettled and I dare say, discomforting.

I have heard words like divided, hate, killing, far too much. While “staying focused”, I would like to give my vision and my perspective of the present.

The pending disruption is threatened by today’s Congress’ “failure to communicate”. It is clearly traceable.
The people responsible will eventually be held accountable.

The situation today is about the nation, clearly, in every way. The media and the social conversations seem to be about him. The GOP is perfectly satisfied with that narrative. Unfortunately I, and others know ,it is about them.

He is DJT, Orangeman, whose list of faults, as a human being, are endless.
He was the best they had in 2016. He won a controversial election against Hillary Clinton; a seasoned, effective participant for many years in our government.

Winning this election with the lies of Benghazi, lies for years about the preceding Obama administration, they proceeded to lead in co-responsibility for Covid deaths and Covid government disfunction. This party of the past still chose to follow Orangeman.

We all know now that their common ground was racism, greed and division.
This party was not aware of their leader’s insanity and as a result, chaos was evident from day one.
Today is almost consumed by the pathetic attempts by this low life party to blame all their failures on him while obstructing any positive progression.

He, with four years of crime and failure riding on 33000 confirmed lies, and currently facing confinement forever for attempting a coup on Jan.6.is truly finished. That guy, they supported at every turn because of obvious complicity in everything wrong. From Miller to Mueller, to deaths of the young and innocent by gun, to the support of the insurrection , the Republicans are now holding the country’s future “hostage”.

This faction of liars, conspiracy theorists, and sycophants will fracture our government ,if they can.
This is the GOP at work, make no mistake about that. This party that supported the lies about a sacred tragedy to engage in a War in the mid-east that led to the death of thousands of American servicemen, millions of Iraqis and mid-easterners. This party that profited with pillaging and greed throughout the pain and suffering of the families citizens of the nation.
This is the party of liars about our historical beginnings, our failed economies, deaths by mass destruction through needless wars, and other shit.

This is a true Zombie party, whose survival now exists only with the deaths of all who care for others, those who only want freedom, justice and equality.
That will never happen.
We are witnessing the end of the GOP.

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