This is what it all has come down to.
Whether to tell the truth or not, to tell the truth, has always been the question.
We human beings are the only living creatures that have had this as a choice. We speak words and use those spoken and written words to communicate our thoughts and realities. I am further inclined to think we have all lied at some time in our lives.
A lie can never be a positive or sensible choice. The truth, when known, always prevails. So we have created the fifth amendment for court cases
Only in court to protect the guilty from self-incrimination, is what follows that premise. Outside of court, it seems all lies are permitted. The synonyms for lies and liars are too numerous to list but we will mention some of these for the hell of it.
White lies, fishing stories, fairy tales, and propaganda are the folder names for many examples of this dangerous practice. My country, the USA, has its very history plagued and steeped with lies.
Republicans have lost all integrity if they ever had any. They are proven liars now and desperate after being exposed in every imaginable way as our history plays out.
The GOP is the party that fostered our early beginnings as a nation, lying to this day.
Native Americans, the slave trade, wars, and affiliate connections with other governments were settled with the art of the lie.
We were all victims then and now we are all victimized every second of our lives by the deliberate attempt to confirm lies and the purposely planned act of not ever being held accountable.
Never be held accountable for lies, past or present, and the horrors inflicted on humanity by their collective efforts and actions are the only reason it has remained.
This is the GOP, the Republican party, a central part of the sordid and unacceptable history of our country.
The Republican party is now a zombie party. Their DJT face personifies their values and purpose to a T.
….No shame or conscience
Accountability is absolutely the mandate and it is in process with the most direct actions in history

We are a democracy, in action, and now our growth is more promising than ever.

All of this because of lies, I wondered…

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