Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

W: My main man, What’s up?
J: Same toilet, different day
W: I have heard that before but not from you, wanna give me something to walk with?
J: Oh you mean thought or curiosity?
W: Yes, that would work.
J: I am just trying to process this Republican “group” as we know them …now…naked forever.
W; Well, where are you going with this?
J: That #45 is a real waste of human protoplasm, as we used to say.
W: I agree, there is more of the worst every day, with no end or bottom. The dude takes the cut glass flyswatter.
J: He is only there because of his support…Republicans, conservatives, right-wing..cowards.MAGA money sources.They remain with him still, after the last 2 yrs.The deplorable base cannot separate from this unbelievably toxic waste.
W.The best part of that party”s humanity ran down their mommy’s leg…
J: A bit harsh, but, probably accurate

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