Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

W: President Whatchamacallit is an ole tyme street ho. I have been trying to get the picture since 2016.

J: Really? Why do you say that about the dude?

W: One absolutely abnormal fact about this person that was more than just malodorous, was his lying every time he spoke.

J: Okay, and?

W: Other lifelong habits he exhibited with pride until he decided to resign and realized it was better to take his loyal 40% with him.

J: Resign? This did not happen, man.

W: Oh, yeah, he resigned from being pretending to be a nice guy. Too much attention pulled the covers off.

J: hmmm? keep steppin’.

W: I couldn’t identify, in words, this complex human.  So many gutter attributes were constant. His ability to magnetize the always corruptible limited had reached an eerily quiet pause.

J: Why was that?

W: He is getting screwed by Russia, Syria, Iran, and Turkey. Pullin a train on the ho., we used to call it

J: I see your point. He must be the best Ho to be the end of Fox news too.  They know they are finished too.

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