The Smoking Gun?

The smoking gun is the GOP.

The problem for the GOP is the  DJT. He is the most illogical human being to use as a cover for anything, at all,  really.
Their desperation in 2016 led them to him and these seasoned politicians, conservatives, and evangelicals boarded his train to infamy.
Fueled by their personal,  life long,  lies on racism and misogyny, the “haves” and the deplorable decided to accept a pathological serial liar.  He is a counterfeit human being in, amazingly enough, every way.

This abomination is their choice to push their inhuman agenda as the last straw.
Now the GOP is criminally exposed. The speaker quit his post rather early.  The WH staff reels in chaos. The endless tapes and IT data are a known reality to everyone but King Delusional.

The  GOP  history convicts them and the cover of DJT was the light that will never go out on their character and purposes.
Mr. Mueller is a true hero now because he will drop the hammer on this cancer in social history and in doing so, some of the most prominent Republicans. The hammer is in the mail!
They bit on DJT as rats bite on cheese in an old trap only to watch the hammer falling to end their miserable lives.

The GOP members that left their offices or backed away from the party did so because they knew it was incriminating to continue. The GOP that still exists does so only to retard the prosecution of this colossal anus.

These low life hypocrites can only be hoping that the general public is as stupid or crazy as their transparent leader. News Flash!

We are not!

We, the people, the right and the left, the black and the white, the young and the old know feces when we see it. When it is heard and sifted so constantly in front of everyone the smell becomes overwhelming and eventually, we all do the same thing.

Anybody with a mind can see DJT  is anything but innocent. We also know that perjury,  obstruction of justice, and treason are felonies.

If you have had any contact with the justice system, you know that Mr. Mueller’s M.O. indicates there are more fish in the fryer than King Delusional. Friends and business associates have been indicted and convicted.  All of these inner circle people are begging to tell everything under oath to seal the fate of this moron liar that the GOP owns.

Family and more friends are trying to hide. A famous heavyweight champion once said, ” you can run but you can’t hide.”

This brings us to the Mueller report. The smoking gun GOP is desperately doing anything to stop it because they are definitely in it. The obvious one who does all he can to keep the feces flowing is not the only one.

For the record,  the music stopped a long time ago,

and now,   …the jig is up.


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