Justice?………….For All!

There are a host crimes that a person can be prosecuted for. The one crime that reigns supreme to me  is the liar. I am sure very few humans have not been guilty of this demeaning and completely foolish act that manages to be never forgiven when the perpetrator is caught or uncovered.

When committed in public or under oath, the penalty is scorn, and imprisonment. Absolutely deserving beyond a doubt, this action provides some satisfaction for society but a smidgen of conscience would never free the pathetic soul that must live forever with the label and reputation of the pariah.

Society and the Federal government has zero tolerance of this crime from celebrities and professional athletes and the defenseless minorities. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Lance Armstrong and many others like them all have been pursued relentlessly by the government. While spending millions of the taxpayer’s money on prosecuting these self destructive family felons, the public insists on taking everything from these people including their money, self respect, freedom and testicles.

The lack of any prosecution efforts on George W. Bush, Dick”Halliburton” Cheney, John Ashcroft and a broad range of Republican /Democratic congressmen during “Dubya’s”2000-2008 administration clearly suggests , at least until this point, a double standard.

This omission by the present administration has baffled me since 2008. The freedom, justice and equality mantra  mandates  indictments and prosecutions for the lies that killed and wounded over 100 thousand American service personnel, destroyed  a historically significant nation (Iraq) pillaging and plundering with every step.These vile and unbelievably numerous acts makes the cliche “compounding the felony” a reality that threatens every one.

Their names are just too many to list but the congressman that was having private personal ships built from taxpayer’s   Federal Defense contracts is a easily retrieved example, to say little about the “weapons of mass destruction” fiasco.

These criminal acts are documented in every way imaginable so I do not understand why these heartless, selfish enemies of peace and equality are left without being held accountable. This delay in prosecution has spawned the venom and lies that persists about the present administration and gave birth to the”Tea Party”. It has also provided the gallows as a end for the GOP, sealed their doom as the present party is imaged.

My Dad, a dyslexic before it was presently defined, hated to be lied to. I remember his chastisement when he caught me lying. After enduring “my penalty”for lying to him he sat me on his lap, wiped the tears from eyes and asked me to choose which was the worst between a cold heart thief, a murderer, or a liar.

He didn’t wait for my long thought of answer. Perhaps seriously impatient as I often am, he simply said “the Liar” because he could be all three. 

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