The Giants..2011

Tom”Terrific” Coughlin was at his best yesterday..As a life long Giants fan, the win against the hated Philadelphia Eagles warmed my heart.

He, Tommy T, seemed to be forced to play the players he should have been playing all along. Actually, the coach’s choices yesterday were right on the money .

Being a rabid fan, the Giant’s losing will not be accepted by me.  I was pretty good after this stalwart victory . It was a good feeling.

Tom, I am offering an apology for my criticism of you. One game, sometimes, is a lot . Evidently, you are a better coach than I thought .What is more important and apparent is that your players will play hard for you..That means everything when the chips are down. Congratulations.

A mere fan like myself, I am sure, would not know the intricacies of that job you have..

I do hope you remember the formula for your  most stirring  victory in awhile. Victor Cruz, Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw with Eli Manning stirring the stew. These exceptional draftees and free agent picks of GM Jerry Reese again and again on offense and defense, and Special teams all together  in this victory yesterday  made a most satisfying remedy for the hunger that persisted since last season.

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