Our lives at Risk…..Capital Punishment

The execution of Troy Davis was accomplished at 11:08 pm, 21 September 2011. He was convicted of killing a police officer over 20 years ago.

The world watched while a civilized nation sanctioned this act of barbarism. 

 Killing, or murder is more popular than ever. I find that thought increasingly more discomforting. The fact that there is no effort or coordinated attempt that shows any progress to ending this madness  is totally discomforting.

Killing is an accepted response  to problems . The fact that these  problems are never resolved by that dastardly final act seems to matter not.  Any suggestion that can be offered to kill as a reason is listened to.  All too often there is no reason  at all offered. Actually,there is no reason that stands examination except self-defense in the most extreme and personal fashion.

 The victims and the families of these crimes are just unfortunate additions to the casualty list.

 It matters not what the “issue” or rational is or that may be stated. Killing by committee, as in crime punishment (court), war, endless religious bigotry and squabbles that have this “option”,personal squabbles and discord only perpetuate more killing.

These organized and planned atrocities legitimatize and  underwrite any sick individual’s poor excuse for taking life in his own hands and in his own personal way and again, for any reason or non reason.

      Troy Davis became the latest in a long line of victims and “expendable” people. They will  all be a cause forgotten in the near future. He will be replaced by the “latest” victim  before I finish this sentence…..

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