NFL Coach’s Insider……..

Two of the best today were overheard  on the QT…

A:”How ya doin”?

B:” So far so good, something like chinese food, ya know”.

A: “Don’t mention any food, man, you know it’s my weakness..”

B: “Not intentional to probe you like that..I was wonderin’ what your schedule was looking like to you?”

A: “Hey, got the Gezziants this week as Snoop would say ..I love to play them since “Tom Terrific” has been coachin’them”.

B: “Yes, that he is …he is one tight mf…but he must be a nice guy or somethin’ ..with all that luck to pull his cohones off the skillet, you know what I’m sayin?”

A: “I do..but he just seems to help me a lot…. maybe ’cause I see his tight ass twice a year, at least…..heh-heh.”

B: “That David Tyree dookie won’t happen again I bet you a fat man on that”

A: “You tryin’ to be funny, Billy”?…

B: “No just sensitive Andy..He just always has these hellacious players..That GM Jerry Reese really knows what is good. Every year he pulls some spectacular thug players out of the pile while every body else is drawing blanks..”

A:”Sheeeit, you got that right. If I had Tom”Predictable”s players your ass would be grass I’d be John Deereee”

B: “If had his GM you and the rest of the league could kiss food good bye….oops, just messin’ round man”

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