Accountability..The time is now

     This administration has settled and brought dignity and diplomacy to the chaos and illegal actions of the Bush administrations..The weaknesses that seemingly appear really lie only in the spines and knees of the Democratic party that this President represents.

These Democrats are shallow in their commitment to the causes that were meaningful  and brought change in 2008. The issues that then comprised substance to the people of this country seem to scare them now. The truths about the  actions that made their election possible has shaken their ability to stand and be firm.

The crimes and breaches of  behavior and government protocol perpetrated by the Republicans have appeared to intimidate them. They also harbor distrust of each other and share a lack faith in the ability to accomplish the goals and duties necessary to achieve them..

That said, accountability must be a mandate. For all concerned and for the continued growth of this nation, these things cannot go unaddressed.

A small capsule of these issues follows:

The Republican theft or misuse of treasury tax payer money..

Halliburton, and other so-called government sub-contractor’s  interests and duties need to be reviewed

The deeds of John Ashcroft and the people who were his allies are in that same basket

The lies to manipulate our involvement  in war and the causing of American deaths in Iraq with the subsequent deaths of  innocent citizens of that country.

The plunder of billions of American dollars from Iraq..Saddam’s stash could finance the new budget.

The air would be so much easier to breathe if these “issues” were addressed and resolved to the eyes and ears of the public or the every day citizen. We, the people, do care and want know.  Knowing would provide a public example  for us to be able to understand why we have been held to accountability for our misdeeds, regardless of our pain, anguish and embarrassment to  our families.

This is justice and the foundation of the American way.

Let the chips fall where they may. The time is now.

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