The Presidency..Economy Stimulus..2011

The economy of this country has been rescued and revived from the larceny and mismanagement of the Bush administration.

The existing problems lie solely in the remnants of that pathetic group of obstructionists ,liars, and selfish dimwits who happen to share the common ground of being separatists, elitists and racist to the core.

The initiatives by the present administration have resuscitated the auto industry, the financial support system and,  provided the basis for a health care platform for all people. It has changed the foreign policy direction, diminished the cloud of terrorism and given a total plan for future progress. It has also done this without using “fear” as catalyst to intimidate the masses.

The presentation by the President for jobs was specific about the need and the cost. It was similar to the base used by FDR in his beginning as our leader. It was detailed in defining the goals and how they would be accomplished. It was detailed in why these goals were necessary to all Americans and how much it would cost and how it would be payed for.

The press didn’t mention that it was so well received.

This was supposed to define the president’s chances for reelection. Indeed, it reinforced that he was consistent  and even more capable than expected.

That does not ,however, guarantee his victory in 2012..He has completed and accomplished much in the face of obstacles and criticism without any recognition or collaboration or approval from the other “party”to this date..Amazing…

The press actually posted a “terrorist threat” thus far undocumented or active in any way immediately after  his presentation..The presentation was obviously, hidden behind the false activity that followed to “protect our country” on this historically sad day. I contend that it was a farce purely to distract from the content that was in that “American Jobs” effort .

The Republicans are dedicated to denying reelection of this man. The inherent racism of my country lends ease to the distortion and the criticism.The social and economic separations are another obstacle that will diminish with jobs and equality in the application of our laws. The Republicans are totally against this and they have only exposed this weakness time and again.

The truth  lies in the history of their inability to produce equality and justice for all Americans regardless of race , creed, or social status. They are totally incapable and this is a fact. What is worst is they are unwilling to make that commitment to fulfill the words of the founding fathers and make this a  reality.

This a fight for all Americans if not mankind.

This is  also why a guarantee is not necessary .His opposition is not in touch with reality yet..They have not chosen their representative from the sad excuses of pathetic  incompetents .

Where did Donald Trump go? Oh, waiting to provide money to finance their disgraceful attempts to continue to disenfranchise the citizens and to prolong the agonies of past. He may not be good for even  that because the laws require disclosures and inquiry about funding. When they, the laws, are enforced it is often an equalizer.

At some point they, the Republicans, will realize that United States is the best country on this planet and the demented excuses and the attitudes that accompanied their circle  are a thing of it’s past.

This administration was a clear choice in 2008. Unfortunately, some people will always  refuse to accept the truth…

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