Nine Eleven… Ten

This is another day that will never ever be forgotten. We all have these days but this one will ring loudly because of collective factors that touch all humanity.

The ability to tune in and witness the catastrophe unfold in our very prescence adds to the impact and makes a mark on our psyche like none other. To be a spectator at the mass murder of thousands of people will always boggle the mind.

There has been more death in a day, more in the flash of an instant but the slow motion effect of the two planes striking and the collapse of the two largest buildings in the world will always be staggering.

The war against Al-Qaeda was not the first choice. In fact the choice of Iraq as the perpetrator was a total lie and more innocent people were killed, murdered, slaughtered.

This, to me, is the real common ground.People deliberately killing other people.These were not soldiers or military was the lament. Neither were the citizens of Hiroshima on August 6 or Nagasaki on August 9. Those two days were justified by saying more lives would have been lost if my country hadn’t dropped their only two, at the time, A-Bombs on Japan. There is no justification for this.

This is  another day that will never be forgotten.

Can anything ever remove the pain, the hurt, the forever gone future of the deceased. Is the eternal memorial  as a beautiful statement of closure, ever enough. I do seriously doubt it…

Speeches and posturing in the name of such sadness seems to  always fall woefully short . Death comes for everyone. It does not have to be planned and so deliberate.  Be it one or 3000 or hundreds of thousands, death  rings true of tragedy, especially when planned.

It could help to think, perhaps, that killing for any reason will someday be a past practice….

Unfortunately, it is  still a thought .The killing will continue. The reality of Nine Eleven is that this was and is our house. Our families were at immediate risk, Our mothers ,fathers ,  children were being destroyed before our very eyes. Our very existence was being changed forever.

The thought of people leaping from  towering  buildings to their sure death rather than suffer a more horrible end is overwhelming just to think about. The ultimate collapse of the towers coming apart in fragments not unlike the worst child structure and then the fragments of human remains was unbearable for many and still is.

A endless search for these pieces of a person will never ever end.

No, this day of death is different.

It has changed all our lives forever. So many things will never be or be like it was again.

The other dark days were “war” days, the casualties  were the products of war. This was a sacred sacrifice by all that died and suffered through this horror. A sacrifice by mankind  without any participant’s or survivor permission.

 These people were taken by hate and madness only to show how precious all life is and that the harmony of peace and acceptance  of the brotherhood of mankind  should demand all effort  until realized…

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