Our lives at Risk…The Necessary Closure

There is no  reason to prolong the investigations required to guarantee the abolition of the lies and manipulations of the freedoms and human rights that were abused by the Bush administration.

We have all suffered. The people who did these dastardly crimes are still active and their format is being supported . It is an insult to justice and the integrity of the country that this has not been addressed. Some arrogance is so pervasive that books are being  written to cleanse their abominable acts.

The deaths of American soldiers , the deaths of humans from Iraq and from other countries around the globe all cry out for accountablity. The loss of trillions of dollars, the manipulations of elections and other crimes to numerous to list must be addressed and accounted for.

This may be a sordid task to carry out and may take awhile to complete. It is, nevertheless, absolutely essential to begin. Like “housecleaning”, a long time coming, but when it is done all the inhabitants feel better. Starting the process is the duty, now, not a minute later.

Our justice system is at risk to say nothing of more lives.The poor excuses for obstructing progress and the delays that have followed are a direct result of these criminals and their crimes not being confronted and accounted for.

When is the attorney general going to get the assignment he was born to do, Mr. President? When are we going to be free of these threats to our very existence at every level? Why must we wait any longer? I, for one, would like  to know…

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