My Giants…continued

Here we are with the second preseason game of 2011. No one has addressed the decisions of Coach Coughlin. He is immune to scrutiny?  Why?

Eli Manning makes his calls based on the coach’s plan. Being an avid fan only, I am curious how it is supposed to confuse or baffle the opponent about your next play when you have no runners in the back field. Does this telegraph “PASS” here? In this day with behemoth linemen  and attacking raging  linebackers how is he, the QB, supposed to get the play off..without getting killed or mauled or both. No disguise or subtle misdirection at all. Terrible Tom Coughlin almost had a casualty per game of every season! Can we count that!

Eli’s interception rate is directly related to these things. Tom Brady has Belichick watching his back . Belichick doesn’t have any runners at all compared to the Giants or players like the players GM Reese has provided. He does employ his runners and players to their strengths as opposed to some cramped dream that never worked and is blown up before the players get off their blocks. How is the defense supposed to rest or defend errors made  continuously by offense mismanagement .  Why is everyone being criticised but Tom?

History tells me he has never had a good quarterback. Please think about that! He is a quarterback’s worst nightmare that’s why.

History tells me he has never won and has been saved by his defensive coordinators and miracles. He has alienated his players since he was hired on any team. He has played his favorites rather than the best player or their best options.

More importantly, Eli Manning and Jerry Reese have had only him for their head coach. Why should they be at risk for his bonehead errors? Why should their careers and the careers of the rest of the team be subject to this consistent stupidity?

Seven years of excuses and constipation is what Tom has brought us. What does he have against Brandon Jacobs? What other coach would put Victor Cruz on kamikaze detail?. Danny Ware over Jacobs in substitute for Ahmad Bradshaw? He did the same thing with the long gone Derrick Ward, a retread with the Jets, who thankfully went some where else and rapidly wore out his welcome.

This coach creates problems for his team. His opponents laugh, and wait until he helps his team self-destruct. It is time to look at the coach of the Giants. Coaches can be replaced a lot easier than a gifted player…especially when they are their own worst enemy 

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