The Workings of Democracy…..America the Beautiful ll

  As we citizens progress to the next election we can definitely see some shape taking form. Listing the accomplishments of this administration is not being noted or addressed. The efforts of the opposition  are clearly to fault at every turn or opportunity anything  possible .

The past Republican administration is not referenced or mentioned.  The officials and leaders of that administration are lying low very much like criminals in hiding. They are an embarrassment to the pretenders of new choices. Their acts and their crimes are still not addressed or even accounted for. They are still there, lurking in the closet like the rest of America’s dark past.

Yes,  a great country we have in this United States, but like human beings, this country of ours is not perfect. The Republicans are not the only problem individuals we have here..This is not just a party issue. This is a people problem.

America has substance and the format to be all that is promised for the good of all mankind. This is not  an instant fix or overnight possibility. The dark past is rooted in long time  injustice and abuse and disenfranchisement to many people. It was inflicted by the founding fathers and continued at random until the present. The founding fathers were just “people” too. So hatred, racism, genocide, sordid lies are all part of America’s  historical past.

 Presented under many veils, a mere sincere focus and thought reveals the truth. Unfortunately, because these dark passages and distortions are unaddressed and not thoroughly erased they continue, under different veils and other disguises. They are  clothed in distractions,  petty neighborhood arguments just enough to keep one off the true problem. They have different vendors, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, “the Tea Party”, Michelle Bachman.

 It can be “the Economy” but not their record on such. It can be foreign policy but theirs was always war. It can be social relations, for them that was separate and forever unequal. America grew in 2008.

It appears over time the distortions and the truth have been hard to separate. This is not to play the “race” card or to cry “victim”. It is just simply the truth and we all are victims until it is accounted for and erased.

This present administration has been denied legitimacy until that absurdity couldn’t last and then every attempt to make any accord has been obstructed and compromised. America has not embraced progress. It has been forced on my wonderful country by time and the higher conscience of humanity. These petty squabbles over anything are really excellent propaganda. In fact, the media of today makes Joseph Goebbles, the media director of Nazi Germany, look like an amateur.

In summary and conclusion….

This Republican party persists in spite of truth and past performance . This President persists and provides truth and consistent performance.

We can start with the economy…or can we? Where were these Republicans when the Bush administrations was going amok?

China…joining other nations to sanction Iran for Nuclear responsibilities.

 Passing the first Health Care Comprehensive Act in U.S. history in spite of incredible obstacles continuously by this other “party”.

Persuading or enlisting Russia in limiting the growth of Nuclear Weapons

The auto industry on solid footing and PAYING back government subsidies .

Rescueing the financial insttitutions from total collapse

Closing the issue of Osama Bin Laden

Libya and other despotic regimes collapsing..with our effective sensitive diplomacy

   The proposal of the most massive job initiative since the last great depression  has  already been obstructed by the elected conservatives, “Tea Party” and assorted mental misfits that now scramble for position in the”Republican” party. It is to the credit of the portly Governor  Christie that he has thus far resisted joining the fray.

      Is this really America?  Yes, it is!  Working to be better and struggling to overcome it’s weaknesses, my country goes forth in the democratic process of setting the standards for the world to live by .

Change is inevitable. It was very obvious in November 2008


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