The Workings of Democracy-America The Beautiful

     This is the chosen nation, The United States of America.. There are so many “confirming” factors that I will find it difficult to touch all in any way so we will have to settle for the few that linger in my thoughts.

First we have the broadest and most diverse population. It is a unique collective. There are those that choose to be here, immigrants and their descendants, native born and  a kidnapped people who have stayed after freedom and multiplied. Then there are the incarcerated population, three million strong by last count.

 It ,our country, is founded on freedoms. Speech jumps to the front for me. Freedom of the press and the freedom of choice. This is to choose our leaders and our personal goals and lifestyles.

We are fortunate here in America, truly fortunate. With such  an abundance we must not neglect our responsibilities. One mandatory responsibility is ownership of our actions and deeds. Our country is a relatively young nation ,two hundred thirty five years old. Many other nations have more years with that distinction .They do not have the threads and fabric that is forming the garment of America. It would appear loosely that many from all walks and nations came here to blend and form what will be the image of all that our planet contains.

In this country and perhaps, more than any other country, one can witness the graphic demostrations of democracy at work. The changes in leadership without the overwhelming fury of discord resulting in bloodshed and masses of humanity disenfranchised in this transition..At least , on the surface it appears that way.

The economy, jobs and living conditions to be more specific to me, are vulnerable to the relationship between our elected leaders and the people who elect them. It must also be said that the relationship within their brotherhood as elected officials has a determining result on the success and failure of “the economy, namely jobs and living conditions”.

The battles that are a part of our country’s design will continue. Our ownership of the past deeds and the people we elected has set the table for the present meal. That meal consists of a sincere effort to eradicate racism, nepotism, and the hypocrisy of equality and justice for all.

We have moved dramatically forward in the election of 2008.The abominable performance of the prior administration cannot be ignored or left unaccounted for. This administration had to end an unjust war, save the auto industry, rescue the financial institutions and provide a healthcare system for the impoverished and have not populace. These conditions did not just appear in that last administration but they were egregiously implemented then. The sacrifices of all Americans were at peril until the people chose to live up to the ideals and purpose in our constitution and in the hearts and conscience of our humanity…That was clearly a new beginning. A major step forward on the path of all humans being valued and respected for their content, there is no going back!

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