My Giants

 The 2011 New York Giants are preparing for another Super Bowl run. I suppose the other NFL teams are having the same goals as they also prepare.

It seems that all the experts are discounting the Giants .Opinions aside, this is what sport fans do.The most popular reasons for not seeing the Giants winning lies in losses through free agency and a lack of free agent acquisitions. If I had to pick a weakness it would still be the decisions of Coach Tom Coughlin but that will be put aside for now.

The GM ,Jerry Reese, has weathered criticism since he began his role in 2007. They did win that year, thanks to a special defense brought in by Steve Spagnola. Tom Coughlin is moaning about the losses in free agency. I moan about his inability to use play-action offense or running the unique backs provided by the GM and throwing to the excellent corps of wide receivers. Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks and the totally unused, due to Coach putting him on IR last year, Victor Cruz.The Giant’s losses in free agency are part of the structure of free agency..Plaxico Burress,  a great receiver, does not deserve any more than he was offered and refused by the Giants. He took the money. I do not fault him, best wishes, in fact. Kevin Boss is a good tight end.Thirty five catches doesn’t raise many eyebrows as a season total..He also took his best offer.

The Giants are loaded  and here is why. GM Jerry Reese knows football and what is potentially a good football player. The league is seasoned with ex-Giants that were cut by the Giants or took better offers from teams salivating to get them . Reese’s draft choices are wanted all over the league..Brandon Jacobs was one of his first. Ahmad Bradshaw and the  mentioned receiver corps, offensive line, refurbished on the move . The defense wreaks of his choices clearly and  if not forced to defend a short field by the ill  offense decisions by Tom Coughlin, are the most physical and capable in the league. Yes, I said it and it is a fact. They can and will defend a short field too.

The secondary is  very good  and seasoned. The defensive ends,Justin Tuck,  Osi Umenyiora, if he signs..and the Baby Monster Jason Pierre-Paul are  great athletes , super strong and fast. All kinds of mixes can be made at line backer….The draft was a success as usual for Jerry Reese..

Our  vulnerability lies in Coughlin being  reluctant to adapt or change his approach to ……….almost everything . After looking at his face during the preseason opener last night.  It seems his face reflected severe constipation or something similar. Oh, and no play-action of the type any other coach would love to force down an opponent’s throat.

Sit back Giant fans,…..this is preseason. We will have good season if our vulnerability is addressed..Just that one..

..Cannot wait till it starts………My Giants..

To be continued…..

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