Congratulations, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Thank you for making ” the best is yet to come” a reality now.  The amount of time and the volume of words to address the power of your victory will never be enough. I will try to narrow my focus to this moment.

The present parade of macabre actions by the POTUS pales daily when compared to the absolute abandonment of human responsibility and conscience of his decadent party.

This “Republican party”, bankrupt of any code words or gaslights to continue their centuries-long suppression of voter’s rights, freedom, and justice for all, jumped on the coattail of this known phony in 2015.

What has followed, daily, has been appalling. The actions of the former GOP have been putridly consistent in the last four years. The lies and the criminal actions by this abominable person have never been unknown. Now, with deaths in American lives clocking in at 2300 per day and rising plus the economy totally stagnant, this American party is fractured. Even more stunning, they are suddenly mute, probably because of their complicity.

Criminal convictions, with exposure to the same fate that he can no longer avoid, became a sure probability. Then,  obvious to all, they knew he would not be able to continue in office, panic followed. They would do anything to keep from being accountable for their actions, not his.

This Democracy used its spearhead, the vote of citizens, to cement its place in human history that will no longer ever be denied. This is the other “reason” for the silence that has been deafening since November 3, 2020.

The new day has come. It brings Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their plans for an America, that was promised but has yet to be. It brings competent proven professionals who are dedicated and committed to their work at every level of official government business. It brings individuals with integrity and character to the controls that can and will bring the change to facilitate government. It brings a demand for accountability.

This time in our history brings a  government with the capacity to be caring and supportive for all people. A government that clearly reflects the representation of humanity at every level with the presence of freedom, justice, and equality a reality at last.


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