Still Focused

While seeing in disbelief the carnage wreaked upon my country during the reign of the sociopath, their latest crime against humanity has been compounded by the act of depriving 650 million face masks in April of this year 2020.

The daily criminal acts by this administration of Republican coconspirators are continuous. Each confirming a very personal lack of consciousness or respect for human life. This latest release by the U.S. Post Office confirms the deliberate purpose to expose the population to an absolute illness (COVID 19), an extended halt to any effort to help the economy,  and a direct exposure to death.

The “new” chronology of truth follows  Jan 28, 2020. He, the sociopathic homicidal president, knew from China, the truth about the perils and dangers of this virus. In his very own words, we all heard him. Then he chose to continue to lie in every way possible for 9 months.  Eighteen recordings of his voice discussing all the horror that he chose not to tell the citizens, the trusting, the innocent while 200,000 Americans died.

No? Not enough yet?  We, the people, are presumed to be concerned only with our choice for President in 7 weeks or less. Ignoring the chaos and lawlessness and assault on every American from his mouth and Republican chicanery, we are supposed to forget lies, bigotry, Impeachment, etc.

Of course, we also know that being a private person again or knowing he will lose poses his real dilemma. Accountability!

Ownership of your words and actions await not only him but his enablers, and sadly, all those who “knew the truth”  too. They all will eventually have to face justice which surely must come soon.

Meantime, we are supposed to witness a thousand more deaths every day, a totally fractured economy, and a government on life support. The serial liar, tax evader, convicted mass assassin, by his own words, is prolonging going to justice.

The top law officer, as well as the lowest ranking law officer, knows their mandate when witnessing any crime in action. Without the Police taking action, there is another possibility,  The citizen’s arrest is enacted,

We are in need of law enforcement desperately.


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