Staying Focused

This President is a liar. He has always been a liar.  So,  tell me why would a group of people, Republican, Evangelicals, Conservatives choose to support and be loyal to him?  Yes, we do know him now, better than ever. He is a confessed tax-evader, quid pro quo expert.  His behavior, in every way,  wreaks streams of abnormalities.  One must ask, why would his words or answers be of any value?

The media, with the emphasis on Republicans and the “right-wing”,  has chosen to profit from deliberately misinforming the public.  Republican business ties to China were totally profitable long before the President’s  Corona crown froze the world into an introspective pause.

Yes,  loyalty to him is mandatory.   Impeachment and assorted criminal acts formed a constant parade of insanity in which the GOP  has now become a co-conspirator.  They are totally responsible for every fragment of this human tragedy.  They have always sanctioned and supported issues of human decline as opposed to issues of support and caring for the growth of mankind.

He chooses to be visible. This is the consequence we now suffer for the overexposure of this pathetically challenged world leader.  My anger, disgust, and feelings of disbelief are being replaced.  It was sadness at the Republican town hall.

This  President has many reasons not to be okay with losing this election. He surely cannot be cross-examined about anything by anyone.  Do you think losing the election will be enough to get him to leave 1600  willingly?

Knowing that the few surrounding coconspirators are trapped and the deplorable 40 % cannot help themselves,  how can he not say what he says all the time? “Fake news”,'”Deep State”, “The chosen one”  etc… armed militias in statehouses of legislation, it is a bit much,  don’t you think?

He is a self-convicted criminal that cannot avoid being convicted by society; local, national, and global.  Sixty-seven thousand American deaths to his credit are the tip of the iceberg of criminal culpabilities to which he is clearly exposed. No way he will be compliant with reality or truth. That is why the eventuality, his loss, that is more probable than any other, has not been discussed? I hope not, but his M.O. is hard to ignore.

This is the one bad boy who we know what he’ll do when they come for him which is a truly malodorous possibility.  The question is,  what will we do? That can be discussed now. Really!

Staying focused!





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