The Murder of Jeffrey Epstein

Let us begin with this fact. Jeffrey Epstein, known pedophile, bosom buddy of the present POTUS, was found with a broken neck, dead.
The fact that he was in the custody of the attorney general of the U.S.,  as a prisoner in the current maximum-security prison in NYC when his murder took place should be listed. The fact is he was found in the same place earlier after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Then he was placed in the same facility a week later after being near death and saved.
Other facts noted were the endless mistakes by the facility and it’s officers to follow protocol.
The following facts should never be missed. The current attorney general, handpicked by the POTUS, was first to offer a theory of “strange suicide”. This was immediately followed by the twitter flatulent leader who brainlessly explained that suicide was obviously unusual here.
What followed was a lot of speculation about Jeff’s mindset, and his victim’s inability to get closure to their tortured abuse history with the deceased.
While waiting over a week for the medical examiner of NYC,  who sees suicides daily,  to say how Jeffrey hung himself in front of everybody who wasn’t there, we sat.
Oh, no one was there?   No camera on at this time, no guards were on duty with this person being strange?
Not really,  being that Jeffrey was about to name names, publicly, of his company and cohorts who evidently included a lot of prominent leaders. Republicans were consistently in this gang of pedophiles,  especially the prominent liar in chief, tax evader; the mouthpiece of hate and division.
This criminal,  who personifies hypocrisy and the double standard by his very existence, is only there because of his representation of his deplorable base.
Why this dude isn’t “locked up” still beats the hell out of me.
My thinking only leads me to know he will be taking a lot of “good people” with him when he goes.  Oh yeah, they are all going because Jeff couldn’t keep secrets, especially from the people who knew him and locked his pathetically sorry ass up.   The sooner the better.

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