The Bottom Line

This is all the bonus of having a Republican like #45.
We, the people,  now know that lying and cheating are what the Republicans have accepted and have always done.

We can now know that everything we always knew about #45 is what we have seen and heard. This is true or what you see is what you have.  No mystery here.

We know that all his acts are signatures of collusion but collusion is not a crime?

We now know that every move he made and his very recorded actions are obstructions of justice acts…. but the President?

We now know, above all, that this President cannot give self-defense testimony under oath because he will lie under oath.


We are asking Mr. Mueller to speak for us?

Why are we not speaking for ourselves, at least, about the 4 yr old cookie jar thief who always has crumbs in his wet bed?


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