Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

W: My main man, what’s going on, long time no see?
J: It has been a few minutes for sure, I am good, trying to lay low

W: These “politics” have really become naked.                                                                                  J: The Mueller Report was a wonder of Democracy in more ways than one

W:  Yes, brilliant!  Actually Confirming that the president is irrelevant in every way. The GOP is truly deadly. They really do not care who they use or hide behind.  Their policies of antisocial behavior are systemic in their voting history.

J: Er, huh? I thought the dude’s criminal guilt was only exceeded by the criminal guilt of his party.

W: That hits the nail on the head! The Mueller Report shows that the GOP knowingly allowed a pathological misfit to carry their flag. They joined and supported this obvious fringe lunatic in many compromised moments to further their agenda.  He was too transparent to hide behind, evidently.

J:  Ha, very funny! I  do see the genius and intestinal fortitude of Mr. Mueller now. Wow, a national hero in our time truly.

W: Yes,  true dat, right up there with Tiger Woods.

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