Our Children and Grandchildren at Risk

The current social and political climate is in a dramatic sudden change. The lack of concern for the lives and well being of all human life is not new. The ability to access the truth and to form an opinion or understanding based on facts is.

That new ability is available to all. That new ability, which is technology, is a threat to liars, oppressors, and hypocrites regardless of origin or lifestyle. Using the new “ability” in concert with a long life filled with vivid memories and experiences, mandates the following reality being shared.

The Liar in Chief is an abomination to all but his deplorable base. He is a failure in every way except for providing a convenient distraction from the actions of a select portion of the Republican party, Conservatives, and Evangelicals.

The acts of attacking immigrants, health care, women, and minorities are abhorrent and now no longer deniable. This has been the practice of these patriots for decades.

This disgusting imbecile was the best they could offer for the election in 2016. Despite his obvious flaws, they have chosen to ride his Luciferian coat to perdition.

These patriots can no longer hide their xenophobic bigotry. Their history of separatism and voter fraud in our history is documented. Their participation in obstruction of justice and treason activity is now a major consideration in the Mueller investigation.

That is the only reason for the seemingly delayed closure in this sordid moment in the history of the United States of America. Mueller cannot allow these criminals and traitors to escape. The USA, formed and shaped by the sacrifices of humans of all cultures and skin colors, is beyond their shameful attempts to turn the clock back.

The intimacy of the pathological lying, narcissistic, phony with Russia,  poses a new danger to freedom and democracy. Trump is capable of providing information to the ultimate enemy that would cost the lives of millions of people all over the globe. Surely any person of logic knows he is on audio and visual record in a multitude of compromised ways, especially in Russia.

When Mr. Mueller closes his net we must not ever forget the GOP, Tea party. They are the core group that refused to accept the change that progressed from the abolition of slavery and the genocide of the Native American

Their zombie acts have always threatened our lives and children’s lives here in  America.  Now the threat to freedom and democracy is a clear danger to all around the world.














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