Crime in the White House..and possibly Congress

The reigning chaos in the White House has spawned a series of infinitely unique firsts. The list of endless embarrassments and appalling lack of competence provides daily nausea and an air of definite uncertainty about the future of the United States of America.

Easily a distraction,  this constant bedlam, and turmoil is not quite the diversion expected by the Republican Party.

The plan, I am sure, after his win over the  12 other deplorable candidates from his party, was to blame all the lack of morals, racism, bigotry, insanity on him because he would surely lose to Hillary. He was always a serial liar, who failed as a con man. A racist and a pervert with no tax information available, this guy had no chance.

Certainly, Russia was a major business adventure before the election. Then after seeking and accepting Russia’s help to steal the election from the people of America, he criminalized the Republican party. Yes, Republicans in government and Republicans in the mainstream knew about his business dealings and liabilities. Their prayer was to push the agenda through before he would implode.

The fact is that “states rights”,  conservative racism, separatism, gerrymandering, and lying are not automatically a crime. However, perjury, collusion, and obstruction of justice are.

I am almost sure that is the focus of Mr. Mueller’s investigation. Most legal professionals like him would have come to some public conclusions by now. The 45th president can possibly avoid the Slammer via insanity. Mental health is a major crisis with a poster card example of need in the White House. These other “Republicans”, family members, friends, and cohorts have clear mental issues but not the get out of jail free card.

The chaos was an accepted distraction while the Republicans processed their agenda. He was and is too toxic for that. The tweets and the deaths of servicemen, citizens are too out spoken to ignore.The base or the 40% loyalists are exposed.

The mentally ill were emboldened by the Republican choice for President. I know and you know that Mental Illness is so pervasive it should be addressed in primary school agenda. The nature of many cases is not a threat to others much less humanity. His illness is. The violent white supremacists, Klu Klux Klowns, alt right, hypocritical religious right all share the same thinking. Chancellorsville has many precedents in American history.

I cannot believe the press would like you to believe that a certifiable mentally ill person’s words should be heard,  much less studied, examined for different misunderstandings while the Country’s very existence is being threatened.

If taking your time means you will get them all, take your time, Mr. Mueller, please. I know you are not distracted.

P.S. Can we get a billion dollars for  Mental health in the immediate next budget?



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