One Hundred Days

The time that has past since the new administration has assumed office is soon to reach this marker. All previous factors with this day as an indicator being accepted, my reality is grounded in the following undeniable truths.

The office of POTUS is now held by a mentally incompetent person. The actions and words of this “President” with multiple flaws are documented. Serial lying, inability to accept ownership or accountability are not new to medical science or human history but it is entirely new to the office of POTUS. His narcissism, delusions, public history all confirm that our current President has no idea about being real now or ever.

Making sense of a certified liar’s words or a certified insane person’s plan being not possible so a more compelling discussion is why he is there and who represents the base that he stands on.
The purpose of these people is no longer a mystery. His base is united. He is just what they wanted. They were the Republicans, Conservatives, Evangelists until DJT unveiled their bond in Racism. Just old fashioned down home Bigots.

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