One Hundred Days +

The Racist bond in the U.S. is shared by many humans as a flaw but in this moment of our time the Democrats, Blacks, Hispanic and Women are surprisingly sharing rank and file in an Army of Misogynists, Separatists,  NRA, and Career hypocrites for all to see without any filter.

This is the “loyal” base of this administration and their reason for being so satisfied with the present administration.

So, we are so supposed to accept the reigning daily chaos with the pathetic lack of any competence at any professional level as our new lives or pretend some good is coming from the birthplace of all the vilest human acts?

Clearly, that is not happening!

One Hundred Days,  we have secrets that will surely not remain secrets, A national party that has risked treason for Racism, and the threat of shutting down the government for not including the building of a wall in place of Healthcare for 22 million Americans.

Sounds almost fitting after almost one hundred days of lunacy.


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