Connecting the Dots

The Republican who exhibited a total absence of human morality and integrity was the best candidate they, the Republican Party, could offer for President of the United States of America. It all could have been offered, after his losing, the suggestion to dismiss the episode as some result of the candidate’s obvious psychosis, only he didn’t lose.

The lies were a beginning for the Republicans and after escaping accountability with Bush, Cheney,  and others about Iraq, the lying became an accepted tactic.

Racism is systemic in the United States. A fact confirmed by U. S. history, past and present with the Justice and Correction statistics as evidence. The Republicans or GOP are confirmed perpetrators in this denial of freedoms and inhuman acts to deny Constitutional and Human rights to everyone. The lies or lack of accountability for the horrific atrocities that occurred against the kidnaped humans from Africa and the native Americans is certainly one reason for the conditions that prevail today in the United States of America.

Now,  the liars are purveyors of “alternative facts”. After eight years of deliberate obstruction to the progress of America that was made in spite of their lunatic fringe, the election of 2016 reflected a continued increasing of bigotry directed at the then incumbent administration and all who were not a supporter of racism, misogyny, equal justice for everyone.

Losing at every public forum with the sixteen candidates offered, the GOP was cornered by a celebrity “hustler” known for his lack of integrity and morality. An unbelievable primary exposure revealed more than one classic psychotic personal posture in the victory.

So we are all here facing our future with a Psycho, a vulnerable puppet, afraid and incapable of meaningful conversation, narcissistic beyond imagination. The leader of the “Free world” who cannot speak a truth because he cannot even remember what he says. Of course,  no one ever believes a serial liar.

My Dad proposed this question to me at four years of age after whipping my ass for lying. “Which is the real villain, a murderer, thief, or liar? After suffering my indecision for about 30 seconds, he told me that the “Liar was the absolute worst because he could be all three”.

A test, mental, human resources supported for President. How can we justify giving the keys to our existence to an effing nut?
We, the people, will be held accountable!

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