Eavesdropping on the Wino and the Junkie

W: ” We meet again!”
J : ” Yes , I can hardly believe it is you”
W:’ It ‘s me alright but we have been witnessing some truly unbelievable shit going down.”
J: ” We?  I don’t drink any booze”
W:  “My boozing has nothing to do with this 2016 Primary and Election.”
J: “It was totally believable. The racist , bigoted , pathological liar who represented the values of his party and this country’s darkest past won.”

W: “True, but did you note any of his mannerisms, habits, consistent peculiarities?  They were too many to list.  Anyone else who spoke or acted that way and was held accountable would be in an institution, jail or mental or both.”

J: “Maybe, you are just getting a painful   zoom in on the white American male. I have seen them stretch the rules of life  and he is not the first one to be elected.”

W:  “True, again, but the others had a cover. You could not see , hear and smell their personal disease. They didn’t come with decades of repulsive behavior for confirmation.  Any mental health professional would say, without a doubt, the dude is missing some serious gray matter. Today’s technology mandates visibility.”

J:  “What if he isn’t a real Psycho? “

W: “What if he is? Everyone  knows that he is vulnerable, delusional beyond belief and incapable of being accountable.

J: “They require an examination for a postman,  but no exam to be POTUS ?  Are we  supposed to not say  his lunacy is appalling?  No one wants to say the bond for Republicans was and is racism .”

W: “So we are supposed to just give the keys to our world to a consensus psycho because he is white and rich?”

J: “He won the election.”

W:  “Unbelievable and effing scary”
W: “That is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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