Dear Mr.Mara…..owner of the N.Y. Giants

             Today’s game with the Jets had much more significance to me than the win/ lost fact. I have been a loyal Giant fan since the days  before Y.A Tittle, Frank Gifford, and Alex Webster. I have seen the Giants lose because the owners chose to keep Allie Sherman, while letting Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry go. This continued until ownership decided that an objective decision maker was the only way to grow after debacle after debacle was more than enough.

  George Young was the new beginning then he was  followed by Ernie Accorsi. With better coaches and better draft, personnel choices, The NY Giants had new faces. These players were winners and the team continued growing  until ownership was forced to new leadership by the passing of the great Wellington Mara.

George Young  hired  Ernie  Accorsi and insisted on Jerry Reese. He also had a place in his heart for Tom Coughlin. Ernie Accorsi retired and left the GM duties in Reese’s  obviously capable hands. Tom Coughlin was never Reese’s choice for coach, a left over hire by you and Accorsi.

After struggling with players and getting Eli off to a “difficult” start you hired new “assistants” rather than letting Jerry pick his coach.The assistants helped the Giants win a “miracle ” Super Bowl. You rewarded Coughlin with a huge new contract and the Giants lost and malfunctioned under Coughlin’s ill game day decisions again. So, instead of a “new ” coach, you insisted that Jerry keep Coughlin and hire “new “assistants who, with more “miracles”,helped the Giants win another Super Bowl. Now, by your words. Coughlin, is going because no playoffs again is just too much.

My greatest problem is the exit possibility of one Jerry Reese, who has brought a continuous  parade of exceptional  football players, the latest being Odell Beckam,Jr. to our revered Giants.

Tom Coughlin’s  list of  won games lossed,  player casualties,  career ending losses and misused players stocking the league  is only exceeded by his brain dead decisions.

You kept him not Jerry Reese! You are responsible for the heart felt losses of the fans, and players and player’s families all over the globe. Today, I saw the hope and spirit of all the Giants crushed by another Coughlin  “brain dead” decision. Those  mistakes were and  are always about his,  Coughlin’s, “ego obesity”, instead of football, the team,  players or the fans. 

He has thrown every one under the bus, Eli, coaches and JPP and is only concerned with his inflated self impression, He will never resign and will sacrifice you to stay on. He is  selfish and wanted to criticize Odell for his frustration until Odell made his genius skill apparent on the next play.

I am writing this to you because I want to know how can it be possible that you could  subject Eli to never having another coach or Jerry Reese never being able to pick his choice for coach while  his personnel choices and his management skills are unsurpassed.

How could you, Mr. Mara’s son, be so completely unaware of the loyal fans and exceptional players feelings about their career and their beloved Giants?

Do remember  the brilliant careers that died under Tom Coughlin  but do not kill the Giant’s future by  letting  Jerry Reese go too. The NFL is really about the players, the fans.  Jerry Reese gets no respect or recognition for the players  he has provided Coughlin to misuse. The rest of the league has never been blind to Coughlin’s faults.

The best teams have a excellent GM and he picks a excellent coach or assistants. You have had the best in the business in GM all you need is to let him pick the best coach.

The players he has picked since his  beginning are the best. Some have been super although OBJ is clearly in a league by himself and another living example of the genius of your GM.

He has chosen football players with skills, and exceptional desire and character. For you to choose to link him to Coughlin would be adding insult to the injuries inflicted on Eli, Odell, and Giant players, fans, and their families for ten years and counting.

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