Republicans…..Fraternity for losers

                  The “Great Debate” to determine who would be the latest excuse for the embarrassment and ridicule guaranteed to follow  is a necessary spectacle. It is mandated as a opportunity to view, hear and choose a candidate for the presidential election in 2016. The freedom to vote is a cornerstone of our Democracy.

The fact that all of the”Republicans” have erased any possible doubt that the leadership of this nation and thus the free world is infinitely greater than their capacity to understand, much less do, is what will, hopefully,be a crystal clear result. This reality will,hopefully, hasten the dismissal of their sordid thinking.

The ten chosen participants evidently still had no clue that even clowns need a policy to be effectively funny. This debate will not ever be funny although laughter maybe heard for centuries. The Republican focus seems to be to find a “celebrity”. Any loud mouth, no thinker is eligible as long as he is popular. No she, or woman is really eligible, nor any minority. More importantly the Republicans know they cannot win this election.

Let’s be a bit detailed about this time in our lives. The Republicans have been the “party” that has been the legislative and executive controllers of our government since Reagan .To be broader and for the sake of comparison,dictated the moral and civil attitudes lived and expressed by our nation since the post civil war period. The attempts to divide the people or to use divisive tactics to maintain or establish their agenda is well documented.

Racism, bigotry, denial of basic human rights were  the norm. The separation  of cultures and denial of equal economic growth were institutionalized. The use of lies and abuses of power  have been so flagrant that the population has been numbed by the consistency. Terms such as Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal, Christian or Non Christian, Black or White, Man or Woman has been used to justify denial of freedom and human rights. Justice and equality for all was never a sincere goal.

Our planet, Earth, has physically remained basically unchanged since the earliest documentation of human existence. The human growth , scientific and technological changes are overwhelmingly obvious. Social and Psychological progress can be left to interpretation but the process of walking to rocket travel speaks for itself. Lip to ear replaced by Cell phones with Cameras in every child’s hand makes it impossible to hide almost anything ..going forward.

Going forward…that is the most glaring fault of this “group” of people. Killing, War, Inhumanity to any other opposition, Environmental pollution, Denial of past WRONG are still the core of their values ,regardless of the label on their heads. Their disgusting lack of integrity and morals coupled with the putrid examples of leadership reached a peak in 2008 . This also was, coincidentally, a time when “Social Media” became undeniable

The result was their loss of ability to disguise or hide the most disturbing and criminal acts of inhumanity documented. Progress had passed them up. The alarming factor is their choice is not to progress, not to go forward, as if going backward was ever possible .

So we have seen their candidates whose most impressively rude ,unapologetic, insulting member wears the Face of all the country’s decadent Republicans. A billionaire who is bankrupt of integrity, self respect and moral decency.

These people have spent the money and time for the last seven years trying to deny the nauseating acts and perpetrators of the dark ages that their thinking represents. Seven years of idiotic statements and acts to inhibit “change” to be better. Seven years of self cannibalization and mean, cruel, attacks on minorities, women, and denial of truth.

Sad but more importantly, there will always be individuals who will kill ,lie and steal. It may be awhile before government will be clear of these human faults but the fact that mankind has moved beyond being silent or letting these injustices go unaddressed is a fact.

Some one needs to inform “them” that their policies and values are what matter. Someone needs to tell them their  acts and words cannot be retracted. Someone needs to tell them that all lives do matter.

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