The Giants…and NFL Football

When are the Giants going to let Jerry Reese play his cards. The changes that have occurred has brought the Giants and the league closer to understanding the difficulties in player negotiations only.

There is nothing that helps the Giants with The Tom Coughlin problem.Yes, there is a new assistant special teams coach. The draft choices will need to prove themselves and I have much confidence ┬áin that based on Mr. Reese’s past choices.

To risk the season, Eli Manning’s career, Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw,the brilliant young receiver corps , the offensive line with the same lack of creative decisions that are the choices of this head coach bode a sack of continuing problems for the team and their legendary loyal fans.

Like the rest of the world, we must wait and see what happens. While waiting we will remember that this coach is not the general manager’s choice and nothing but a Super Bowl victory this year should prolong his stay.

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