The Presidency .. His accomplishments and disappointments

        On the threshold of the next  campaign in 2012 we find ourselves assessing the past elections . Not only the last major in 2008 but all of the local minor elections too, if you want to be honest and thorough.

New efforts must be retooled again because of the reluctance to accept progress and change  by the Republican party. The remnants of that group would be more accurate.

The successes or accomplishments are not at all as complete as this critic would like.The primary reasons for this is that some patterns are long term, a different approach to a life long issue. The disappointments are more available and easier to determine so we will begin there:

The first is a lack of effort to hold the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity and our constitutional laws accountable.

This last administration was an abomination.The lies to steal from our government began before 9-11. The attempts to control our rights , freedom of speech and other freedoms were constant. The electoral process itself was manipulated in more than one state.

Lies under oath , lies to conceal crimes were pervasive. It sunk corporations. It destroyed our economy and definitely caused the death of lives, families, hopes and dreams . This is still ongoing as much as possible because NO ONE has been brought to justice..or held accountable.

Then there is the war on Iraq ,the atrocities inflicted on captured prisoners and the innocent citizens of Iraq, the soldiers and their families that were serving their country and  erased, and the pillage and plunder of a respected ancient culture, all unlawful acts in sequence that continued unabated until the election of a “not possible” candidate.

All efforts to bring change or to progress from this dastardly base has been blocked, refused and politically manipulated by the same den of low life, Yes, they are still busy at work..Why has this been permitted? What happened to an investigation or inquiry to determine accountability?

Secondly, the “New Jobs”to be created from an effort to repair or strengthen the infrastructure has yet to emerge. What is that about?  What happened to new highways or rebuilt highways, bridges and safety measures, hospitals, and schools. Nothing is visible on that front to me.

I suspect both are linked to the same solution.  To be specific, this rag-tag group of bigots, racists and pseudo christians ,conservative, tea party gang bangers formerly known as the Republican party need a gardener. Accountability would weed out the vermin that perpetuates the contamination of the best of that group and certainly would give everyone a chance for progress.

Accomplishments..Wow, just the continued air of progress is undeniable.

The Healthcare bill .

The end of the Disgrace in Iraq.

The rescue of the economy from another Republican  produced depression.

The rescue of the Auto Industry.

The rescue of Major corporations, especially Banks  and Financial institutions .

 The routing of Al-Queda and resolution of Osama Bin Laden.

The withdrawal of our forces in Afghanistan with Iraq surely to follow.

 Keeping his campaign promises …not all ,due to the Republican efforts to thwart  his every initiative….but the tally is clear .

The exposure of the Republican party…for example..Candidates for 2012? Giuliani….he knows better or running for any office is out of the question Pawlenty….Romney….Palin..?It gets worse!

Governor Christie of New Jersey! The same person who cost the state over 750  million dollars before he could find a seat that fit his profile..The Federal funds for education and Federal funds for a most needed “tunnel” have been sabotaged. The loss to the children of New Jersey and the commuter /worker in the tri-state region cannot be calculated. Broad based attacks on unions and specifically the teachers are cruel and actually demented.This is what is left of the GOP after the election and successes of Barack Obama.

Most importantly,  he managed the return of world wide respect for my country and its deeds and purpose that was in consistent decline with both Bush administrations . He has chosen a cabinet, made Supreme court appointments that have proven their worth and credibility while presiding over a most significant period in our national and world history.




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