The Oxford dictionary defines race as the concept of dividing humankind. Racism, however, fuels the hostility between these divisions of humankind.
Humans have many cultures, traditions and are visible in different skin colors, heights, and weights. They choose different comfort levels based on environment and other factors.
They choose their religious preferences. Like many other animals, in humans, the one obvious or not so obvious difference is sex. This difference is primarily for procreation.
That said, the significant problem with race has always been man’s inhuman treatment of his fellow man.

Other factors like skin color, language contrasts, national borders, and religious preference are distractions. All are used to justify this inhumanity inflicted on other humans.
As all untruths are doomed to fail by nature, the lie about Royalty over peasant is rerun as rich over poor, or uneducated over-educated. All are just, simply put, bullshit.

It is the ultimate act of inhumanity to kill another human.

Humans have always killed other humans. War is a process of deliberate mass murder. The cost of humans killed in “wars” are far beyond counting. The advance of science has provided a means of killing everyone living more and more. The nuclear capability has put a hold on that.
It is inhuman to deprive one of their human rights of freedom, justice, and equality because ultimately these deprivations result in the deaths of humans in mass.

Slavery is a horrific act of inhuman treatment of fellow man. Genocide is gross just to write the word. The founding fathers of America employed both of these horrors to build what is still the greatest nation on earth.

Most of the founding fathers were not happy with any of those two truths. They elected to oppose and end the practices. The other founding fathers clearly did not. This resulted in the mass murder of 600,000 human beings before the nation could be salvaged.

There were an estimated 26 million native Americans here before Columbus and less than one million in 1900.  Over 20million Africans died in the slave trade alone. Millions more have died in slavery over 400 years in America. The conclusion is that both inhuman atrocities were the order of the day

The growth of America has much to own and discard before it can be the nation of liberty, justice for all. These horrors unaccounted for and never addressed would be found in the “Crimes against Humanity” file today.  These atrocities were even celebrated. More importantly, they were allowed to fester and infect the people that followed. It distorted and poisoned the truth about our nation.

The  Obama administration flushed the turds out.  It was unbearable for racists and separatists to witness the truth in their face every day. The lies told to the world and to their children and grandchildren since the beginning of time were exposed.

The election of 2016 was visible to everyone who chose to look. The absence of an eligible candidate to oppose Hillary Clinton was glaringly apparent. The Republicans, Tea Party, Conservatives, Evangelicals chose to be lead by the one that was obscene, totally lacking in morals, without a smidgen of conscience.

We are now dealing with the decay from the corpse of human life’s worse elements. It is now, again, out in the open, with a “poster card” example of all the putrescence leading from the White House. He and his mentally ill gang are in the crosshairs of human justice.

The United States of America is still a young nation, growing and emerging with all of the earth’s humanity bonding from the correction of our errors and social ills.


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