The Debate……2012 Election

The election of 2012 is a monumental struggle in democracy.The elements and the factors combine to emphacize the importance of these  results to be one of the most signicant in history.

The incumbent, Barack Obama, was to say the least , as unimpressive as he was disappointing, even to his most loyal supporters.

There were many opportunities to expose the GOP candidate as a unabashed liar and opportunistic manipulator that were left unattacked.  That omission posed many questions that should have been sealed in valid confirmation by facts before offered and confronted immediately when spoken by this hysterical maniacal mouth.

Truth was stretched constantly and my curiosity abounds as to why and how this behavior is permitted. It joins my endless questioning  of the lack of prosecution for the crimes of the last GOP administration.

Being a mere citizen, a true member of the 47% that the GOP has no use for, I admit to being a bit clueless as to the approach of our President, and to what strategy will be employed in the next encounter.

It has been offered, in casual places, that there is a method to this madness. That method  being in giving Mr. Romney an opportunity to expose his weapons/tools and his lack of respect for rules of order and social manners, our President does not have to bear criticism for being a”angry minority” or letting the truth flow freely without being interrupted.

It certainly makes the next debate more interesting and compelling.

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