Post Mortem…The Republican Party

The Death of the Republicans is a fact .  The fixation on all the ills of modern society seals their doom.The inability to produce a intelligent idea or sequential series is somehow more alarming.

It could be argued that because of Conservative micro-psyche, Religious dementia and Tea Party educators their  statements have altered between hysterical threats and familiar total lie. It could be argued that these are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

The clear fact reveals a search for a  “celebrity”.  A person that “people” like and can be a tool for the Conservatives, Right wing , Tea Party , Wealthy, Pro life and anti- female,!

Not a class room whiz in the bunch . Grim…lied to be elected…going to jail..Christie a liar and bully…Santorum confused/Ted Cruz ,,,,ego mania unbridled/The Donald Trump longer is the silent majority silent

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